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It is not mandatory to heat this solution.

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Q: Why do you heat the sodium sulfate solution?
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What is the heat of solution for sodium sulfate decahydrate?

+ 18.88 kcal/mol

What happens when sulfuric acid is mixed with sodium hydroxide?

It give out heat (exothermic) and you get yourselves solution of sodium sulfate salt and water.

What is the reaction between sodium shalphate and water?

Sodium sulfate dissolves in water to produce a solution of sodium sulfate.

How do you increase a solubility of Sodium Sulfate?

Sodium sulfate is highly soluble in water, but insoluble in most organic solvents. If you want to increase its solubility in water (as for any salt), you can heat the solution or remove one of the products (sodium ions or sulfate ions) from solution. I can't think of any insoluble sodium salts, but barium sulfate (BaSO4) is insoluble in water. Thus, adding barium chloride (or some other soluble barium salt) will remove sulfate from the equilibrium (due to BaSO4 precipitation) and increase the solubility of sodium sulfate.

Which is the common ion when sodium sulfate is added to a solution of barium sulfate?


What is in the sclerotherapy solution?

For example sodium tetradecyl sulfate.

Does calcium sulfate or sodium chloride form a saturated solution first?

calcium sulfate

Is the solution of epsom salts prepared by dissolving magnesium sulfate heptahydrate in water is added to a solution containing sodium lauryl sulfate will a precipitate form?

No. Sodium lauryl sulfate will not form insoluble salts with the magnesium.

What is the most concentrated solution of sodium sulfate Na2SO4?

At 20 oC the maximal solubility of sodium sulfate is 40,8 g/L.

Why is the beaker coverd with watchglass when heating the combine solutions of barium chloride and sodium sulfate solution on a waterbath?

protect the heat effect from the sun

What do you observe when red litmus is added to a solution of sodium sulphate?

Sodium sulfate solution is neutral; the red litmus is purple.

Net ionic equation for a solution of sodium acetate and a solution of ammonium sulfate?