Why do you learn?

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If you don't learn, you might as well just be a rock! Learning helps you to become better at everything, and to be happier, and to live a better life.

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Q: Why do you learn?
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What subjects do they learn in France?

they learn the subjects we learn but the learn our languges

How do you spell the plural of learn?

learn doesn't actually have a pluralised form as it is a verb, not a noun. But the conjugation of the verb to learn is as follows: I learn You learn He/She/It learns We learn They learn

How do you say learn to learn in German?

learn to learn = lernen zu lernen.

What can you learn from observing children?

you can learn responsibility and learn to be mature and you will also learn from there mistakes.

How do you speak best English?

To learn Best English you have to learn learn and learn or you can get a tutor.

How do you say learn polish?

To learn (Polish)- Uczyć się (Polskiego) I learn------------- Uczę się you learn--------- Uczysz się she/he/it learn-- Uczy się we learn---------- Uczymy się you learn--------- Uczycie się they learn-------- Uczą się

When you Ask Questions what do you learn?

If you ask a question you learn the answer and you learn from the answer!!!

What does willingness to learn mean?

Having a good attitude to learn and your ability to learn and just wanting to learn

What is 'learn' in German?

Lernen is to learn. ich lerne- I learn du lernst- you learn er/sie/es lernt- he/she/it learns ihr lernt- you (plural) learn wir lernen- we learn Sie lernen- you (formal) learn

How can you learn hacking free of cost?

Download Linux, install it, play with it, learn it, breathe it. Learn to program. Learn how the internet works. Learn about security.

Is football easy to learn?

It is easy to learn, if you really want to learn it

How do kids learn?

Kids learn by going to school thats how they learn

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