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cuz shes cute in drake& josh & hot in icarly + shes a celeb girl that's 16 and i think shs so hot she could bake someone alive

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Does Miranda Cosgrove have a star doll?

Miranda I love you girl

Does Miranda Cosgrove love year olds?

what is love year old.

Where to chat with Miranda Cosgrove?

i love you as a friend Miranda cosgrove because,your my fan.i wish i can visit you.when i am 28 years old.i am 15 years old. i love you buy.

Does Miranda Cosgrove have a husband?

No, Miranda Cosgrove is not married.

Does Miranda Cosgrove have an Instagram?

yes she does it is Miranda cosgrove

Is Miranda Cosgrove racist?

No. Miranda Cosgrove is NOT racist.

Does Miranda Cosgrove love Nathan Kress yes or no?

i think

Does Miranda Cosgrove like her feet?

yes she love her feet

Does she have a sister Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove is an only child

What is Miranda Cosgrove real name?

it is Miranda Taylor cosgrove.

What is the full name of Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Taylor cosgrove

Why i like Miranda cosgrove?

because miranda cosgrove is a singger

What is Miranda Cosgrove Neopets?

There is no such thing as "Miranda Cosgrove Neopets"

What miranda cosgrove birth sigh?

MIranda Cosgrove is Taurus

Who is prettier Emma Watson or Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove

Who does nat wolff love moreallie dimeco or Miranda cosgrove?

me not any of them

You love Miranda Cosgrove?

I do! I'm am the biggest fan of iCarly! EVER!!!

Who is Miranda Cosgrove in love with?

nat wolff of course. they are the perfect couple

Does Miranda Cosgrove love Nathan kress?

They are good friends and costars.

Does Nathen kress and miranda cosgrove love each other?


What things that Miranda Cosgrove love?

well she loves cupcakes and bunny's

Where is Miranda cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove is in Downey. It is just outside of L.A.

Miranda Cosgrove Age?

Miranda Cosgrove is 16 years old.

Is Miranda Cosgrove dead?

No, Miranda Cosgrove is still alive as of today.

Where does Miranda Cosgrove lives?

Miranda Cosgrove lives in Downey California.

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