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You still have feelings for them, and hate them at the same time.

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Is Cole Sprouse in love with someone?

He's not in love with anyone. He's not in love with anyone.

Who can love?

Anyone can love.

Can Chad Michael Murray love you?

Well anyone can love anyone

If a man can't love anyone is it possible at all to get him love you?

If a man tells you he cannot love anyone, move on.

Can you love your room patners?

Of course, you can love anyone you just have to know them, and know their feelings toward you! You can love anyone!(: <3

Who does tenten love?

Tenten is not in love with anyone.

Who does Tayuya love?

Tayuya does not love anyone.

Is a real love possible between man and man?

Yes it is possible. Anyone can love anyone.

Does anyone love anymore?

Yes! Everyone needs love or they won't function or feel the same. You get love from anyone you talk to so of course people still love!

Does Shadow love anyone?

Aside from brotherly love to Maria, no. Shadow displays no romantic feelings for anyone at this point.

Can a straight model fall in love with a gay girl?

anyone can fall in love with anyone no matter what the orientation or gender

Can Virgo man love Aries woman?

You can love anyone you want to love.

Love and all you know about it?

anyone can feel it and it is all right. If you think it's love then it is love. Never let anyone tell you that it isn't love because no one can change what their heart feels.

What does love realy mean?

love doesnt have a meaning! you can't forse anyone to love you or someone else. love just happens to anyone at any age. sometimes you don't know if it is love or just a feeling. hope you get who you realy love.

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