Why do you need insurance for your car?

All cars being driven on the public roads need to have at least third party insurance to be legally on the road.

Third party insurance means that if, when driving your car, you have an accident that harms someone else (hit a house, kill a cow, hit another car, or injure a pedestrian) the cost of this (repairing the house, replacing the cow, mending the other car, compensating the pedestrian) will be paid for by the insurance (unless you are very rich you would not be able to meet these costs). Thus all cars must have this insurance or if you do have an accident the people you harm will not be compensated when the accident is your fault.

You can voluntarily purchase a higher level of insurance which would also compensate you for your losses/injuries if you have an accident that was your fault. This is comprehensive insurance.

Please do not drive a car if you do not have third part insurance, apart from breaking the law, if you do harm someone then there will be no money to help them.