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In today's automated environment with existence of ERP like SAP, Oracle etc. systems are now more control driven along with SOD. Though at the same time process is driven by execution in system which is driven by people. There are still manual intervention and output variation amongst people. To improve process effectiveness ahead of efficiency for an activity and to maintain consistencies, there is a need to put process control thereby defining one way of execution leading to one output in controlled and SOD environment.

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Q: Why do you need process control when you have control system?
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What is the major difference between control process and process control?

Difference between control process and process control is that system control process is typically the large scale version of where process control is used.

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What is process in control system?

Any access control needs control system as a user interface which directs access control work. We offer door lock system and we attach control system with it for administrator to use.

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The MBR takes control of the boot process from the sytem bios.

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What is process control block in operating system?

All of the information needed to keep track of a process when switching is kept in a data package called process control block.s A PCB is a data structure in the operating system kernel containing the information needed to manage a particular process. The PCB is the manifestation of a process in an operating system,

What is the proportional integral and derivative control system response?

The proportional integral and derivative control system or PID control system consists of proportionsl, derivative and integral elements which gives a very efficient process control.

What is the result when a control structure is provided that creates process discipline?

Corrective action system is the result when a control structure is provided that creates process discipline.

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You can find a process control network located at any large or small company that uses a base computer system. It is basically an ethernet system. It allows the company to have a connected system that communicates with each other.

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Also known as the process state, the execution context is the internal data the Operating system uses to control or supervise a process.

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Transducer & Sensors Electronics & Measurement Microcontroller Embedded System Control System process control industrial instrumentation