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Strictly speaking, you don't - but having a screen protector helps to protect the screen from getting scratched by things like zippers when it's in your pocket.

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Q: Why do you need screen protectors on a handheld?
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How long do screen protectors last for blackberry?

my screen protectors for my blackberry lasted for 3 months.

What exactly is a screen protectors purpose?

There are screen protectors for monitors, laptops, cellphones, and other electronics. The main purpose of screen protectors is to avoid damage from scratches, dust and fingerprints, however an excellent screen protector can also reduce eye strain caused by the screen. It's one's opinion that Apple screen protector is one of the excellent screen protectors on the market.

Do the clear screen protectors eventually damage the Nintendo DS screen?

No, in fact, the clear screen protectors help to prevent damage to the Nintendo DS screen.

How much are LCD screen protectors for digital cameras?

LCD screen protectors range from $5.99 - $19.99 for typical models.

Which brand makes the most scratch resistant screen protectors?

The brand that makes the most scratch resistant screen protectors is Gorilla Glass. They also make screen protectors that use anti-glare technology and have good reviews.

Which stores sell screen protectors for laptops?

Most stores that sell electronics and laptops will also carry screen protectors for laptops. Some places to try would include Amazon, eBay or Best Buy.

does my game boy advance need a screen protector?

It's recommended that all screens for games have protectors but you don't really need one.

the best screen protectors for business traveling?

The best screen protectors for business traveling are the ones that most durable and are made from that strong plastic that does not break or scratch.

Are any screen protectors better than others?

A screen protector will help keep your PSP screen clean and scratch-free. It is best to buy a screen protector that is custom made for a PSP. Try to avoid "universal" screen protectors which you will need to cut to fit the screen of your PSP. Rocketfish makes an excellent PSP screen protector which can be found at Best Buy. The protector is pre-cut to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I get a screen protector for my iPads?

Screen protectors are an important necessity for anyone who owns an ipad. If you go to, they have a wide variety of protectors for a wide range of products. I recommend getting and using a screen protector for an ipad.

What is the best screen protector for an iPhone 5s?

There are so many screen protectors for cell phones that you just have to go to the store and ask a associate for advice they will show you the types of protectors that they have.

Do handheld game consoles have a LCD screen?

Yes, most Handheld consoles that i have found have LCD screens.