Why do you need the stove?

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To cook food.

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Q: Why do you need the stove?
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Why petrol can not be used as a fuel in stove at home?

You need a special kind of stove that can handle liquid hydrocarbons.

Roper Stove Parts?

form_title= Roper Stove Parts form_header= Cook like a pro with new Roper stove parts. What parts do you need?*= _ [50] Is your stove gas or electric?*= () Gas () Electric Is your stove still under warranty?*= () Yes () No

Can you convert a gas stove to an electric stove?

It is possible to convert a gas stove to an electrical stove. Not only would you need to wire the stove for electricity but you would need to have a metal worker create metal bases for the electrical elements and also arrange for some insulation. It would be more expensive than simply purchasing an electric stove. Unless the gas stove has some special design that fits in with the decor, the project would not be worthwhile.

Why do you need an outside air vent if you have a woodburning stove?

all fire needs a source of oxygen. a woodburning stove is no different

Taiwan Wood stove model 260?

I need the specks on a wood burning cast Iron stove. On the back it has 24"Tawian parlor stove. On a plate the number 21183

How do you install an electric cook top into an antique cast iron stove?

i need info on how to conect the wirin ,on an electric cook stove. the wires on the stove are red green and black

What level do you need to get another stove in Cafe World?


Stove with a 3 prong plug and you just moved to a home with a 4 prong outlet for the stove Is there an adapter you can buy to plug in your stove?

Nope, you'll need to buy a new cord.

What is a goodluck stove worth?

the union stove works new york good luck need a picture of it pat in 1882 no 1289

What are the differences between an electric stove and a gas stove?

The main difference between gas and electric stoves is the ease of changing temperature. A gas stove can be turned on and off instantly whilst an electric stove will need time to cool down.

How do you make a bootooyoo on Webkinz?

You need to use the mega stove, in the clubhouse.

Do you need planning permission to install a wood burning stove?


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