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It depends on if your braces require a metal band or not on the back teeth. I didn't get them at first, but my back brackets kept falling off, so they put spacers in and a week later they put in metal bands. It really depends on the orthodontist.

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Q: Why do you need to have seperators in your teeth before you get braces?
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Does miley need braces on her teeth?

she has them on the back of her teeth.

Do you have to have braces or can you just have a retainer?

Braces are designed to move your teeth into better alignment. A retainer is designed to keep your teeth in their current position following braces. If your teeth are where you want them to be, you do not need braces or a retainer. If they are not, you will need to have them moved with braces followed by a retainer to hold them in place.

Should an eight year old have braces?

I got my braces when i was eight, and now my teeth are perfect. The sooner the better.

How long does the wisdom teeth heal before getting braces?

The bottom answer is not totally correct. You must wait at least a few weeks, preferably 3 months, before getting braces in order to let the gums and the bone heal properly before putting on braces. They can never get braces because they will irritate the damaged gums.

Can you get braces after you have had teeth pulled?

In order to receieve braces you need to have lost all of your baby teeth. The answer to your question is yes, I know of a couple people who had to get adult teeth pulled to get braces. So yes.

Where can one get braces for the teeth?

In order to get braces for your teeth, you will need to visit the dentist or a orthodontist. These health care professionals will be able to offer advice about whether you need braces and suggest which ones will be most suitable for you.

Do you need braces because your bottom teeth hit the roof your mouth?

Yes because if you have an overbite it has to fix the top and bottom to have perfect teeth i know because i have braces for an overbite.

How do you make yourself get braces?

If you actually want braces, you're crazy. p.s. you need crooked teeth to get braces.

What do teeth look like if you need braces?

Teeth will look uneven and there will be gaps.

Can you get braces on the backside of only 2 teeth that need straightening?

Yes, Lingual Braces.

Removing teeth before or after putting braces?

Yes you can, you would have to arrange a visit with your orthodontist prior to seeing the dentist to remove the archwire, then after having the extractions done, you will need to go back to your orthodontist to get the archwire placed back in. Ring the orthodontist and talk to the receptionist about when your dentist appointment is and I'm sure they will make avail time for you. It doesn't take very long to replace an archwire. Hope this helps

When you get braces how do you know how many teeth get pulled out?

Each case is different. Some patients do not need any teeth removed. You can talk about this with the orthodontist before treatment begins.