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Why do you need to prove the existence of aliens?


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Bring one in, dead or alive. All the pics and video in the world won't prove it, sorry.

take a photograph or video and broadcast it in the T.V


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Nobody knows the answer to this question because nobody knows if aliens actually exist.

Because they have no solid, indisputable proof of their existence. uh...what about xenu?? just imagine aliens as giant spagetti monsters....now...prove there arn't there!

There is no evidence yet to suggest their is an existence of aliens... But in the future, who knows?

No aliens do not exist if you think they do prove it but on the other had if don't believe that they exist I'm just saying that you can't prove if you think you can go to prison

Mankind has not yet discovered the existence of aliens. So, zero.

There is no way to prove or show that aliens are real so we don't have the right to say.

No. Any person trained in logic will tell you that 'you cannot prove a negative'. If you want to disprove the existence of fairies you first attempt to try and prove their existence. And the best you can do is to fail to prove it. The option to prove it always exists.

Aliens need a home and a job.

Scardox aliens do not mate. Science has never confirmed the existence of aliens as of 2014, though many people believe they are real.

No. But then can you prove that you do?

There is no positive scientific way to prove/show aliens exist therefore no one knows how they eat

the existence of bigfoot, space shuttles, and probing

Even with all the speculation about aliens and UFOs, there are no records about the existence of space aliens. Sorry.

No. Spirituality is essentially the belief in a spiritual existence, which may or may not include magic. Even if it does, belief in something does not prove its existence.

If you mean aliens from another country, yes. If you mean aliens from space... not that anyone knows and has been able to prove. No proof aliens even exist, in real life. Just tall tales.

This question makes no sense. If people could prove whether or not aliens exist, then conspiracy theories would be a thing of the past. Again, this question makes no sense.

There are aliens, people who are not US citizens, in Puerto Rico as there are in most other parts of the United States. There is not evidence for the existence of aliens, beings from outer space, anywhere on earth.

The first person to show a way to prove the existence of atoms was Albert Einstein.

It is statistically impossible to prove they don't exist.

Not that anyone knows and has been able to prove.

the scientists say it is all a load of sweaty balls

Any aliens that may or may not exist may or may not be monitoring earth. Any monitoring depends upon the level of technology, location, interest and awareness. Specifically, aliens may not know of our existence if their technology is undeveloped, their location is far away, they have other priorities, or they are unaware of our existence.

They aren't. There is no evidence for the existence of aliens and certainly no ground bases. Because they don't want people to know what they do with the aliens and where they are because then we would go try and see the aliens and ruin their experiments with the aliens.

as have you seen in Mars have founded water that prove the Mars live , but theres no proof that aliens already exsists

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