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Q: Why do you need to use chopsticks?
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What sentence is chopsticks?

I use chopsticks with my food.

What notes do you need for the full song chopsticks?

What notes do you need for the full song, "Chopsticks?"

Is it moral to use human bones as chopsticks?

You might need a mental evaluation.

What utensils do Chinese use for food?

not chopsticks (Chopsticks) you fool

Is chopsticks tradition in Japan?

Yes, the use of chopsticks is customary in Japan.

What do they use to eat with?


What do chopsticks do?

You can use chopsticks to pick up food with your two chopsticks. Also if you are making are drum, you can use your own chopsticks or you can buy them at your local supermarket store or a two dollar shop. Mostly Asian use chopsticks. You can go to Asian restaurant too eat with a chopstick. By Nintendogs117.

Do Koreans originally use chopsticks?

Koreans are asians and most asians use chopsticks to eat their food.

Why use chopsticks?

then one day a man use a fork to kill somebody now they invented chopsticks uhh no!

Why did they use chopsticks?

People used chopsticks because they were easy and cheap to produce and buy.

Can you use chopsticks to eat everything?

no... how about soup? unless you have those chopsticks with the spoon ends on them...

Why do Chinese use chopsticks?

because they do

Why do the Japanese Use Chopsticks?

The Japanese, like many other Asian countries, use chopsticks because their ancestors used them.

Do they use chopsticks in Korea?

Sure do. :) I use them everyday.

How do you eat soup with chopsticks?

you don't. you use spoons. Chinese had spoons, but no forks, hence the chopsticks

What tools does china use daily?


Can cows use chopsticks?

No, don't be ridiculous.

What do the Chinese use to eat there food?


Do china people use chopsticks?


What country uses chopsticks?

Most Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan use chopsticks.

Do Chinese people use chopsticks?

Yes. They use them a lot.

Why do Chinese people use chopsticks insted of spoons?

Why do Americans people use spoons insted of chopsticks ? Every place has different custom^.^

Do Cambodian people use chopsticks?

Yes, as a Cambodian I use chopsticks on a daily basis for eating, showering, and baking! Thank you for the wonderful question!

How many pairs of chopsticks would you save if you use one pair of reusable chopsticks?

Well how many you would grab use but you just use the same pair.

What are chopsticks used for?

Chopsticks are used by orientals to eat their food, the same way occidentals use knives and forks.