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Plants need water; in fact, all living beings need water.

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Q: Why do you need to water plants?
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Do you need water to grow plants?

Plants need water to make glucose. Glucose is a sugary substance that plants make. Glucose is the food that plants need to live. So yes, plants do need water.

Do plants need water to grow?

Yes plants need water to grow.

Do yellow plants need water?

All plants need water, regardless of color.

Why plants need sunlight and water?

plants need sunlight and water to conduct photosynthesis, which is how plants make energy.

Why do plants plants need water?

Plants need water to help carry nutrients to other parts of the plant. Water is essential in photosynthesis.

Do kidney bean plants need water to grow?

All plants need water to grow.

Do all plants need water to make fertilization occur?

All plants need water.

Why do plants need water and sunlight to live?

Plants are 80% water so they need water sunlight are good for energy

Why do plants need fresh water to grow?

Plants need water to convert sunlight into food. Plants exchange water for carbon dioxide. This is called transpiration.

What do plants need water for?

They need water to perform photosynthesis.

Can plants live with sunlight and not water?

No. Plants need water, just like humans do. Some plants can survive on a very small amount of water but all plants need some.

Why do plants need water and what do they do with it?

Plants needed water for many functions like a human being need

Does cotton plants need water?

yes cotton plants do need water for it to bloom and produce cotton

Do plants need water and why?

Yes, because the water has minerals or nutrients to help the plant grow. Plants do need water to drink, we all need water to survive.

Do plants need to get rid of water?

yes, plants must get rid of water as quickly as possible. Edited answer: Crop plants like wheat, barley, maize etc. need to get rid of water at the time of harvesting. Otherwise perinnial plants and aquatic plants always need water.

What do you need to grow a plants?

If we need to grow plants we have to water it, let it outside to take sunlight and we need good soil.Different plants need different amount of sunlight and water.

Is there a plant that doesnt need water?

No, while there are some plants that can get by with a great deal less water, xerophytic plants, but all plants need at least some water.

What effect does water have on plants?

All plants need water to survive and grow.

Why do you need water to make plants grow?

because water is good for plants

How do swamp plants survive in swamps?

they is water !! plants need water to live

How do droughts effect plants?

Plants need water.

What are the needs of the plants?

the plants need need water, warmth, sunlight, and minerals

Why are water plants different from plants that grow on land?

Water plantss dont need water.

What do plants do with out water?

Plants die without water, they need water to make their food. (photosynthesis)

What is it called when plants grow in water rather than soil?

The growing of plants in water is hydroponics. Its not just water you need to grow hydroponic plants though, u need to mix in a nutrient solution that has all the nutrients your plants need.