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Why do you not like the feel of blackboard chalk or velvet?


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That's like asking why some people enjoy summer more than winter or why some people prefer Coke over Pepsi. We just are the way we are. Everyone has different sensory perceptions and preferences.


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very different it was strict and you wrote on slate with chalk[mini blackboard with chalk]

No, thats just their name

crushed limestone then it is pressurized so that it for like a solid rock but is not as rigid as a rock because you can write with it on a blackboard.

Well you see, as the chalk rubs against the blackboard bits of it get left behind, showing you what your teacher thinks your cursive should look like, or a new trick when dividing big numbers.

look like a cylinder, cirgarette, stick. feel powdery, smooth, and hard

the closest i could find was "Mr. James Pillans is regarded as the inventor of the chalkboard (or blackboard). He was the Headmaster of a high school in Edinburgh, Scotland." he was using a chalk like substance on the boards but no one invented it someone just started writeing with it....

Silver maple has velvet like leaves on the back side but hard to tell without seeing tree bark or leaf

it is very soft and a very awesome thing when you r tired

a velvet ant looks like a ant with a velvet and black color to it

It's called FELT Past tense of feel and A type of rough cloth, like velvet.

1. The ocean is like moist black velvet. 2. I did feel something like a sudden chill.

Chalk is a rock that can go onto your hands but can rub off easily chalk i think has a lot of layers it is a sedimentary rock if you hadnt of known that is because well i do not really no ! ha ha ha very funny

Invented by Children.I have been wondering that as well. They also seem to look like crayons. Other wise I'm really not that sure of why they look like chalk.It may look like crayons and chalk, but I think it may be out of oil. But then it might have to feel like oil is put in the pastels. I used them, but I'm still not sure. They must look like chalk and crayons because: 1. Chalk almost looks like pastels because it has the same size and shape. It even feels like chalk. 2.Crayons have thoes wrappers around it. That is what pastels have too. It looks like crayons, but it has no tip.

im not 100% sure but i think that we were told that there were about 5 or 6 rows of wooden desks and chairs which faced a blackboard at the front. the teacher had his/her own desk which was taller than the ones the students sat at. each child would have their own A5 notebook and also a blackboard and chalk to write answers on.

Velvet is a more softer fabric silk slips between your fingers so no, velvet does NOT LOOK LIKE SILK!!!!

Flash but he called her velvet ears because begals have ears that feel like velvet so flash is the answer you are looking for It's name is Flash. But its a Basset Hound not a Beagle...

It means you need to see a dentist to find out what is going on with you teeth. If, instead of your teeth breaking like chalk, your fingers broke off and you felt no pain, would you hesitate to see a doctor? See a dentist before you feel pain.

The ISBN of Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron is 1560971169.

they need white chalk or any kind of regular chalk not like 3 d or colored chalk

The guys name is James Pillans. He invented this piece in 1801 and called it the blackboard. In the 1930s the name "chalkboard" was introduced. The blackboard is mostly for teaching. It has different variaties of colers,such as black,green,and brown.

In most organisms, the inner surface of the ileum is soft and smooth, like velvet. The same is true of a cat's ileum.

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron has 144 pages.

u dont know that they might like chalk

Here in Australia we have a breed (not sure if its registered etc or not) which is called a Velvet Lop - they are very soft furred and as the name suggests the feel is like velvet. The fur often also looks like velvet. This breed is a result of cross breeding dwarf lop rabbits with Rex rabbits. I have one of these whose ears never "lopped" and he is a wonderful animal.

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