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Why do you only have lucid dreams when sleeping with my partner?


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"There is security in numbers", it is often said. Partnering with someone else brings a sense of security, safety, and overall rest & peace when compared to being solitude and alone. Whether in business or an intimate relationship, combining your energy with someone else creates an additional guard against the fears of the world beyond (things outside your immediate life). By comparison, if you have ever slept outside, or in a public area (i.e. the homeless) where your security is much less than the safety of your locked home (with a partner, even), you may not experience such a deep and freeing sleep. The tension, anxiety, and in some ways fear of being vulnerable in that outdoors environment can keep you from letting your mind 'wander' and exploring the various thoughts you have when you are sleeping (dreaming). Your prominent concerns are for your safety, especially with this increased vulnerability. Partnering with someone in life brings that sense of security. With an assurance of security, the calm will allow you to explore more things with your mind, your heart, and certainly your soul. You are less troubled, so you are subconsciously freer to 'see' beyond your immediate concerns. Sure, partnerships and relationships can bring their own level of anxiety, concerns and fear. But, when it is balanced in a health way, this 'communion' can certainly warm your soul and sooth the mind and certainly nurture your heart.