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Why do you only have lucid dreams when sleeping with my partner?

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"There is security in numbers", it is often said. Partnering with someone else brings a sense of security, safety, and overall rest & peace when compared to being solitude and alone. Whether in business or an intimate relationship, combining your energy with someone else creates an additional guardagainst the fears of the world beyond (things outside your immediate life). By comparison, if you have ever slept outside, or in a public area (i.e. the homeless) where your security is much less than the safety of your locked home (with a partner, even), you may not experience such a deep and freeing sleep. The tension, anxiety, and in some ways fear of being vulnerable in that outdoors environment can keep you from letting your mind 'wander' and exploring the various thoughts you have when you are sleeping (dreaming). Your prominent concerns are for your safety, especially with this increased vulnerability. Partnering with someone in life brings that sense of security. With an assurance of security, the calm will allow you to explore more things with your mind, your heart, and certainly your soul. You are less troubled, so you are subconsciously freer to 'see' beyond your immediate concerns. Sure, partnerships and relationships can bring their own level of anxiety, concerns and fear. But, when it is balanced in a health way, this 'communion' can certainly warm your soul and sooth the mind and certainly nurture your heart.

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Is it bad to see lucid dreams?

No, there is nothing bad at all in having lucid dreams. The only possible danger would be if one forced oneself into lucid dreams so often that one had no natural dreams and suffered from dream deprivation.

Is there a way to control your dreams?

Dreams are generated by the subconscious mind while the conscious mind rests in sleep. The intention to control dreams (or anything else) is a function of the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind is not likely to pay attention to those intentions. It is possible for some individuals to learn the skill of lucid dreaming, which gives some limited control over nightmares and repetitive dreams. However, much of the information currently published about lucid dreaming is unreliable nonsense and will only disturb normal healthy sleeping. Also, lucidity is anecdotal, and a lucid dream is still a dream. In my case, I'm 55, I have only had one dream that I considered truly lucid and controllable, but that state only persisted for a few moments. All of the other so called "lucid" dreams that I have had, even those I thought to be "controllable", turned out to be nested dreams, where I dreamed that I was dreaming, which tends to invalidate the concept, at least for me, of truly lucid dreams.

What is the difference between active partner and sleeping partner?

bananas only grow on trees

How do you stop lucid dreaming?

If one wishes to end a lucid dream, one simply decides to wake up while the dream is in process. If one does not want to have lucid dreams, one can reverse the method of achieving lucid dreams: before falling asleep, tell yourself that you won't have lucid dreams, but will have quiet, restful, natural dreams that will not disturb the conscious mind. If a lucid dream begins, let the conscious mind say, "No, I don't want to do this." Then move toward wakefulness without entirely waking up. (You only want to move into the next sleep cycle.) Then drift back down into natural sleep. See attached link on sleep stages.

How many times can you lucid dream?

There's no limit on how many lucid dreams someone can have. Some people will only have a handful in their life time, others will have thousands. It varies from person to person.

Has anyone experienced lucid dreaming while taking Vyvanse ADHD medication?

You are not alone on this. I've only been on Vyvanse for the three days and I've had two Lucid Dreams in a row that have happened completely on impulse. If you are having too many strange dreams though, I would recommend you talk with your doctor. But yes, strange vivd dreams, nightmares, and even memorable Lucid Dreams are perfectly normal to have while taking over 20 milligrams of Vyvanse.

Are lucid dreams real?

Yes, lucid dreams—which, for the uninitiated, are dreams where you’re aware you’re sleeping and can often control aspects of your dream—are real. While people doubted their existence for years, a slew of research in the second half of the last century put those doubts to sleep.The way researchers proved it is pretty cool. They taught test subjects methods to induce lucid dreams (there are plenty out there, if you’re interested), then hooked them to polygraph machines as they slept. The subjects had agreed to perform specific actions in their dreams when they achieved lucidity—actions that’d show up on a polygraph test, like patterns of eye movements or fist clenches; lo and behold, the subjects fell asleep, then gave the signals.For most, lucid dreams are happy accidents, but some suggest pursuing the ability to reliably lucid dream can help avert nightmares, alleviate anxiety, and even aid in physical rehabilitation.

Can you loose control of your dream when you're having a lucid dream?

You could "lose control" of a lucid dream only in the sense that your subconscious mind might take over control of the dream from your conscious awareness. At no point in any kind of dreaming does any factor outside your own mind control the dream. Dreams, lucid or otherwise, only exist within your own mind.

Gonorrhea if partner or you not sleeping around?

If you both were not infected, and are only with each other, then you will not catch gonorrhea.

Can you see your dreams?

Dreams can only be seen in the imagination of the sleeping mind. This is much the same process by which we "see" daydreams. There is no existing technology that can detect and display your dreams outside of your own mind.

What are the limits to lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming should not be practiced every night or for an extended period of time. Natural dreams are necessary to both emotional and physical health, and the conscious mind requires the rest obtained only through natural sleep. Lucid dreaming should not be used as a recreational activity and is best when guided by a knowledgeable professional.

Can we go in someone's dream and can we change it?

The only dreams you can experience are your own, and if you have lucid dreams, you can influence yours to a degree. What you are asking about sounds more like astral projection, where you deliberately send part of your soul into another place or person.

Can you stop vivid dreams?

Well yes, and no. But why would you want to do that? If you're having some nightmares about stuff and just don't want to remember it, don't stop dreaming, search up on google lucid dreaming against nightmares, or just how to stop nightmares. Well the only way i could think of is sleeping through the entire night, dreams are erase by the brain as the night goes on, but this stops dreams, not vividness. But this won't always work, you may still have dreams. People dream and you can't do anything about it, sorry.

Do guys have to have wet dreams?

No. They do not have to have wet dreams but they often do. Men can only go so long without ejaculating. If they do not masturbate, there bodies will flush the semen out for them while they are sleeping.

The first time I realized I was dreaming I was only 5 or 6 years old and since then I've had occasional lucid dreams and even controlled the events of a couple but haven't in ages how can I again?

Lucid dreaming is a skill that can only be developed through practice. There are many sources on the Internet where you can find tips and suggestions about how to become aware in your dreams, but frankly, most of them are unreliable and not supported by any science or other reliable sources. One should also understand that dreaming is a function of the subconscious mind, which performs tasks that are vital to physical and mental health. Lucid dreaming is an intrusion of consciousness into the area of the subconscious, with unknown effects. With those cautions in mind, the only way to encourage lucid dreaming is to tell oneself to become aware in dreams as one is falling asleep. Persistence and patience will produce the best results.

What are some good Reality checks for lucid dreaming?

Well in lucid dreams, you can usually fly, go through walls, not be able to feel pain, and other things like that. So if you keep trying to fly into a wall and not only fail, but feel pain, then you are most likely to be awake.

Does sleeping in the cold make you have bad dreams?

no, if you want to have dreams and/or nightmears you huddle youself in a corner and think about scary thoughts but that only works on phycothyipedic and anti social people

What do dreams cause?

Dreams do not cause anything, they are merely thoughts passing through the sleeping mind. Dreams exist only within the mind (brain) of the dreamer and have no power to influence anyone or anything outside the dreamer's own body.

What does it mean when you can control your dreams?

Being able to control your dreams does not mean anything special at all. It only means that you can control your dreams. That's it, period. That can be fun, especially if you can make yourself dream about flying, or swimming underwater or jumping into big vats of ice cream and stuff like that. But it does not mean that you have magic powers or see into the future or anything. Dreams are not nearly as magical as a lot of people think. In fact, they are not supernatural at all. Your dreams are produced by your own unconscious mind while your conscious (waking) mind is sleeping. If you can become slightly aware (conscious) while you are dreaming, you can control what happens in your dreams. It is sort of a burp or hiccup where your waking mind bubbles into your sleeping mind. Even though Lucid Dreaming (that's what it's called) can be fun, it can end up with your getting really tired or even falling asleep at school or at work or at other times when you need to be fully awake. This is because while you are controlling your dreams, your mind is not fully asleep, so your brain is not actually getting the rest that it needs. Once in a while, Lucid Dreaming is not a problem. But if it becomes a habit, it can lead to what's called Sleep Deprivation, which can become a very serious problem requiring medical treatment. So enjoy your Lucid Dreaming... just not too much and and not all the time.

Are humans believed to be the only animals who have dreams?

No. Studies of subconscious mammals (dogs, cats) and primates (apes, chimps) have all shown similar brain patterns as in sleeping humans, suggesting that they have dreams.

Why don't i have dreams some nights?

Although it seems odd, you do dream every night. It only seems that you don't dream when you do not remember your dreams. This can be a good thing, because it indicates that you are sleeping soundly.

What does it mean if you only dream in the morning?

Maybe you are not entering REM sleep until late in your sleeping patterns. Or it could mean that you only remember your morning dreams since most people have around 4-5 dreams a night or so.

How do you get rid of lucid dreaming?

The only thing you have to do is stop recalling dreams, and you will forget them. Just think about something else when you wake up for 1-2 minutes, like : "what do i have to do today, lets make a plan". After this 1-2 minutes of shifting focus your dream will fade away from the short term memory and then you wouldn't even remember anything about the dream. Do this for 2-3 weeks and you will probably stop having/remembering lucid dreams.

Can people control the content of their dream?

Generally, no, most people cannot control the content of dreams. Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind, for the purpose of sifting through thoughts, experiences and emotions while the conscious mind rests. Learning to control one's dreams requires imposing the conscious mind on a function that belongs to the subconscious. Most people simply cannot do this, while others learn partial control in "lucid dreaming." Even so, lucid dreaming is only partial control. yes, through lucid dreaming. but it is very annoying to do all the time. IT is fun, but after a while you might want the dream world to go back to its surprises.

When do most vampires attack?

Well most of us attack at night only cause sunlight can kill.....:MWAHAHA) While you are in your dreams.