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White light is a mixture of many colors. If you see green when you look through a green glass, plastic, or whatever, it means that it lets the green light pass, other colors not.

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Q: Why do you see green when you look through a green Mylar?
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If we see through the tip of glass window pane we see green coloring matter Why?

Because that particular glass is slightly green, but you only see it when you look through a greater amount of it.

Where is the green puffle?

fix the telescope on the ski hill with your wrench and look through it and you will see the green puffle circling a mountain.

Can mylar block infrared and the heat?

Yes it does. Im a Fire fighter EMT and have used an IR camera many many times. So do mirrors! You can look in a mirror and see the heat of your reflection but not what is behind the mirror. Same thing with Mylar.

Why do we see green when we look at plants?

We see green when we look at plants because all the colors of the sunlight are absorbed by the plant except green. The green light is reflected back giving the green color to the plant.

What color is translucent green?

Translucent means light can go through it. Translucent colored things are things you can "see through." So translucent green is a green thing you can see through, that light can go through, such as, for instance, a green tinted piece of glass.

How do you do a black and grey smoky eye look that complements green eyes?

Look for a Youtube tutorial on it! Its better to see it being done than having it described through words

Why does the green screen not look green on tv?

The green screen doesn't look green on T.V. because on the set for whatever they are doing the camera people put a backround on the green screen. That way you don't see the green screen only the backround. The people on set see the green screen.

Which colors do your eyes not see when you look at a green leaf?


What makes the green light in a spotlight look green?

The wavelength of the light affects the way that we see it.

Why a leaf appears are green?

the reason why a leaf appears green is because, inside the leaf are cells which we cannot see. we can only see these cells if we look through a microscope. well one of the cells is called Chloroplast. Whatever obkect or thing has chloroplast makes the thing green. In this case the chloroplast has made the leaves green

Why do the say that the moon is made out of green cheese?

there is ONE reason and that is IT IS! Because if you look at green cheese, it has a hint of green in it and when you look at the moon, you might see it is not completely white.

Why do you see green when you look at a leaf on a tree?

You see green because the chlorophyll absorbs all colors in the spectrum except green so that's why you see green (that's like 5th-7th grade stuff....)

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