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Because when you pull off your sweater the electrons are causing a positive change that forces electrons stay on and to cause a spark to appear.

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Why do you see lightning when you remove your wool sweater in winter?

you see "lightning" (it's static you nimrod Jus kiddin lol) when you remove an wool sweater in winter because the electrons from your shirt underneith are getting more electrons added to them from the wool sweater, the electrons cause static and you may see sparks.

What happens when you rub a balloon on a wool sweater?

what happens is static. anything that feels like a rug or is fuzzy or anything like that, you rub it with a balloon its going to get static.

How much did a men's wool sweater cost?

A mens wool sweater costs 5 million dollars.

How is yarn in a sweater and wool from a sheep different?

because the yarn in the sweater is cleaned and died and the wool on the sheep is not

How much wool is in a sweater?

Your answer depends on the construction of the sweater and its size.

How do you use the word sweater in a sentence?

The sweater was made of wool. They attempted to make a sweater from the bags.

How a wool sweater depends on soil?

Plants are grown in soil, sheep eat the plants, we use the sheep's wool to make the sweater.

Clothes beginning with the letter W?

A wool sweater and a waistcoat are clothing items. A winter coat, windbreaker and wrap are clothing items.

What is the difference between a merino wool sweater and sweater that only says wool?

Merino is made of extra long, fine wool that comes form this particular kind of sheep.

How much does a wool sweater cost?

a wool jumper would cost £9

How much wool need for a sweater?

Your answer depends on the construction of the sweater and the size you want to make.

What does this analogy mean wool is to sweater as wood pulp is to?

Paper. A sweater is made of wool after processing (knitting). Wood pulp is processed to become paper.

What clothes begin with w?

· waistcoat · warm-up suit · wedding gown · Wellington boots · windbreaker · winter coat · wool sweater · wrap

It is a cold winter day. When you remove your wool snow hat your hair stands up. Why does it do this?

It really does not have anything to do with cold days but with very dry air. Your hair will stand up due to static electricity.

How do you remove rust colored stains caused by bleach on white wool sweater?

Wet the stain with water and apply Bar-Keepers Friend.

Can you hand wash a merino wool sweater?


How do you create static electricity with wool and styrofoam?

You can make some static electricity by rubbing wool or styrofoam against your head

Appropriateness of wool to winter coats?

Wool is appropriate for winter coats.

Were does felt come from?

Felting occurs when natural wool is agitated, especially when this is done in warm water. Machine washing a wool sweater accidentally can result in a smaller felted sweater.

What is the hypothesis for static electricity?

My hypothesis for my experiment was that rubbing the balloon on the wool sweater will make the balloon stay on the desk the longest. I believe this because the sweater was furry. I also predicted that there would not be a different in the amount of time the balloon stayed on the desk at different times of day.

An improved wool pullover is a?

An improved pullover is a better sweater.

What sweater does Jason Bourne wear in the Bourne Identity?

It is a G.I. commando sweater made of either acrylic or wool.

How do you stretch a wool sweater?

You may be able to wet the sweater and re-block it to its maximum extent, but this does not mean that you will be able to stretch it.

Clothes that start with w?

· waistcoat · walking shoes · warm-up suit · wedding gown · Wellington boots · wetsuit · windbreaker · winter coat · wool sweater · wrap

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