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Q: Why do you somtimes see a rainbow during a rain shower?
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Explain why you sometimes see a rainbow during a rain shower or shortly afterward?


How is a rainbow formed after a rain shower?

The light shines through the water

What are the uses for a rainbow?

There really is no use for a rainbow, other than for beauty and to signal that the rain shower or thunderstorm that has gone through has moved on.

Why is rainbow not found during noon?

because the rain is like cristals if you hold one up to the light it will reflect a rainbow so light=rain=rainbow

When During a rain shower the road surface is likely to be most slippery?

In the 30 minutes after the shower begins

What types of weather does Rome Italy get?

somtimes rain and somtimes really hot wether

What can you found when light shines through a prism?

After a rain shower you can usually see a rainbow in the sky. If you shine light through a prism you see a rainbow or more correctly the colour spectrum

Can blizzards occur when there is a rain shower?

No. Blizzards occur when there is blowing snow. So you cannot have blizzard conditions when it is raining. However, somtimes the same storm system can produce blizzard conditions in one area and rain showers and thunderstorms in another.

Who is girlfriend of rain?

The rainbow is rain's girlfriend that why when it fain and go away the rainbow that looking for rain.

Why is a shower called a shower?

If you are talking about a bathroom shower it is because it simulates a rain shower,if you are talking about a rain shower you will have to ask a higher powerhaha that rhymes

What is the name of the movie whose name start with rain?

Rain Man, The Rain People, The Rain Killer, Rain Without Thunder, The Rainmaker, The Rains Came, Rainbow, Rainbow Bridge, Rainbow Drive, Rainbow Warrior, Rainbows' End, Raining Stones

What is the rain shower?

Are you sure you are not referring to a 'rain shadow' desert? I find no reference to a 'rain shower' desert.