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There are many reasons why people talk about the state of matter at room temperature. This is because it's the form it's found in.

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Why plasma and Bose Einstein condensates are not present at room temperature?

when we talk about states of matter plasma state has very most charged paticles and when we talk about Bec it has paricles which have little kinetic energy it is found in-230c now if you room temp is such cold so that`s your choice

What is the difference between zero temperature and zero degrees?

"Temperature" is a state of matter; "Degrees" is a unit of measure. The correct way to talk about temperature is to say "Zero degrees ____" (fill in with Fahrenheit, Celsius or Kelvin)

What state is most common for the metals?

It depends at what temperature. If we talk about room temperature then a natural state of a metal like Mercury is liquid (same as some non-metals like glass) while others like Copper are solid. Of course, in the vacuum of space where there is no influence of heat or sunlight, all metals are solid.

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What is the eighth state of matter?

There are many states of matter; you can see a list in the Wikipedia article on States of matter. However, there is no universal agreement on which states of matter should be accepted as such; nor is there of course any universal agreement on a numbering scheme. Thus, it doesn't really make sense to talk about "state of matter number x".

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What are the four states of matter?

The four states of matter are Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.The state of matter of a substance depends on its temperature and pressure. Three of these states of matter are things you talk about or experience every day, but the plasma state occurs at very high temperatures, as are found in lighting strikes; and in stellar environments.Our Sun, like all stars, is mostly composed of a hot dense plasma.Our Sun fills our solar system with the solar wind, a weak, thin plasma.*There is a unique "fifth state" that not all matter can exist in : Bose-Einstein condensates, in which extraordinarily supercooled dilute gas takes on unique properties due to quantum effects.*There are also various indeterminate states, such as amorphous solids, liquid crystals, and superfluids, whose properties do not necessarily reflect their apparent physical state.

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