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Q: Why do you think beatty let the first alarm ride in Fahrenheit 451?
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What do you think Beatty means when he says the sheep returns to the fold Fahrenheit 451?

It means that Montag is returning to his job as a fireman. Sheep are known as blind followers and Beatty is talking about how Montag returned to his job which Beatty knows, Montag knows, is wrong.

In Fahrenheit 451 listening to Captain Beatty play his harp and needle Montag had what effect upon Guy?

It leaves Guy confused with want he wants to believe and think now.

Why does montag think Beatty wants to die?

Because beatty disliked the society they lived in

Did talley beatty have any chrildren?

no don't think so

In Fahrenheit 451 which firefighter does Montag attack?

He realizes that all the men look alike... perhaps think alike. They are all robots and he is one of them.

Why did beatty want to die?

He's not necessarily happy at all. He just realized that Beatty wanted to die, and granted what he wanted. I think it made Montag more sad than anything, because Montag was doing what Beatty couldn't ( rebelling against society )

Is Ryan beatty going out with one of the cimorelli girls?

I don't think so

Whos voice is lotso in Toy Story 3?

'Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear' was voiced by Ned Beatty.

What is the Fahrenheit point?

Fahrenheit is a temperature scale. I don't think "Fahrenheit point" means anything.

What rhymes with forearm?

your charm, door alarm, or just alarm, harm, that's all I can think of. haha

In the book Fahrenheit 451 who turned in an alarm against Montag?

I think it was only 2 people, Mildred and one of her friend

Which diary of a wimpy kid book is the part where rodrick sets greig s alarm clock back an hour?

I think it was the first one