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Cotton requires hot weather and lots water. The south has that and the north is too cold, too rocky, bad soil for cotton, smaller farms, and not enough water.

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Q: Why do you think cotton was grown in the south and not the north?
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What region had become wealthy because of cotton grown on large plantations?

i think its north

Where does cotton grow US?

Cotton is a warm weather plant. It grows in southern states and in central California. I live in central California and today I think we grow more cotton than is grown in the south. We have fields and fields of cotton.

Why did the north think their strategy of blockading the south would hurt the Confederate econmy?

Europe doesnt buy cotton from south any more..

What is the most important crop grown by Egyptian farmers?

i think it is cotton,and weed:D

Whose side did the South think Britain would take if war broke out between the North and south?

The South felt that since Britain needed cotton for industry then Britain would take the side of the South for economic reasons .

Where did the industrial revolution begin in the United States?

The first mass production in the US might have been cotton cloth. The cotton was grown in the South by slaves, processed in cotton gins invented by Eli Whitney, and woven on power looms in the Northeast using technology stolen from Britain.

Why was the southern economy dependent on cotton?

South was depending too much on cotton.And I think that they needed a new investment which would explain why they depended on the cotton.

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You would think South Cali but I'm saying north.

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North i think

Asia from north to west from south to east?

i think it is north

Is Fresno California north or south?

You would think South Cali but I'm saying north.

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