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Saves money on incarceration

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Freeda Kris

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2022-11-02 12:48:34
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Q: Why do you think death was the penalty for so many crimes?
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Why do you think that death was penalty for so many crimes?

Saves money on incarceration

Why do you think that death was the penalty for so many crimes?

Saves money on incarceration

Is The death penalty is available for many crimes in Texas?

No, the only crime the death penalty is available for is capital murder.

Death penalty is beneficial because?

Proponents of the Death Penalty will argue that it is beneficial for at least two reasons. The first is that it prevents any further crimes from being committed by the alleged perpetrator. The second is that it serves as a strong deterrent to those considering indulging in violent (or other serious) crimes: the potential penalty of death will lead many such persons to choose not to commit offenses.

What is the effect of death penalty in the Philippines during marcos?

many people will feel scared to do crimes. and this punishment helps to lessen criminality.

Why do the taliban execute people?

The Taliban believe that there are a number of "crimes" that merit the death penalty, and so they enforce it. Unfortunately, many of these "crimes" are things that are not considered crimes in other countries, such as blasphemy, homosexuality, apostasy, or female education.

Numerous states are revising their penal codes Which major categories of substantive crimes do you think should be considered for revision?

The death penalty is archaic and does not deter crime-it should be abolished. Many drug sentences are far to harsh for the crimes they punish. There should also be better treatment of military veterans who commit crimes.

How many ways can you die of the death penalty?

There are 15 ways to the death penalty

How many people die in the death penalty in the UK?

Non, there is no death penalty in the UK.

Do you think there should be a death penalty in the UK?

This calls for an opinion, personally I think there should be, though many people disagree. Why do you think that?

What is death penalty libeal and conservative view?

It depends on the candidate. There is no set liberal or conservative view on the death penalty. There are many liberals who support the death penalty and those who are against it. There are many conservatives who support the death penalty and there are those who oppose it.

What crimes carry the death penalty?

famous killingsserial killingsbombingstoo many manslaughterand extra charge for other things and your crime history along with murder charges and they will not stop the death they need a witness

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