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Q: Why do you think it is necessary to use very small and exact amounts of reagents in biotechnology?
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What gluing process is required for epoxy resin glue?

Exact amounts of both parts are necessary

What is the exact meaning of biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in fields such as engineering, technology and medicine.

How is DNA fingerprinting biotechnology?

You use computers to scan fingerprints, and computers is technology. This technology is biotechnology, because everyone has different fingerprints, and it depends on his or her genes for the exact form that the fingerprint takes.

Why do scientist use measurements?

So that they get exact amounts, making experiments worthwhile

What are some words that describe math?

Definitive, exact, easy (for me), necessary, descriptive

How many calories in a homemade chicken wrap?

No way of telling w/o knowing the exact ingredients and amounts.

How much do actorsactress get paid?

All diffrent amounts. There isn't really an exact amount every actress/actors get paid.

What is the importance of coefficients in a balanced chemical equation?

Coefficients are imortant in a balanced chemical reaction, because it shows you how much of that chemical is reactanting, and also how much is being produce to form the products.

What is objective listening?

objective listening is necessary when we want exact figures about smthing.

Why is exact measurement is necessary?

Exact measurement is necessary is because you will make a big mistake in cooking like if you are cooking a loaf of bread, the bread will taste very bad or not the right shape. Same in science in the chemistry unit you have read incrustations so you would not make a explosion!

Can latex and acrylic water based paints be mixed together?

Some can, it depends on the exact components in both. -Experiment with small amounts and find out.

How old am I in milliseconds from years?

In order to answer the question it would be necessary to know the exact millisecond when you were born. You have not even supplied the year!