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Jem's reaction could be due to a combination of factors such as his age, personality, upbringing, and the situation leading to his response. He may be influenced by his sense of justice and morality, as well as his attachment to his sister Scout. Additionally, societal expectations and experiences within the community may also play a role in shaping his reactions.

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Q: Why do you think jem reacts this way?
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Why do you think jem confessed to Atticus about the childrens activities regarding boo?

why do you think jem confessed to atticus about the childrens activites regarding boo radley

How does Boo Radley influence Jem?

Boo Radley influences Jem by serving as a mysterious and somewhat scary figure who intrigues Jem and makes him question the stories and rumors surrounding Boo. As Jem learns more about Boo and starts to see him as a real person rather than just a spooky myth, he develops empathy for Boo and gains a deeper understanding of the complexities of human nature. Jem's evolving perspective on Boo reflects his growth and maturity throughout the novel.

How does Jem react to that?

Jem reacts with shock and horror initially, but later displays empathy and understanding towards the situation. He shows maturity and courage in handling the events that unfold.

What chapter did scout punch jem?

Scout punches Jem in Chapter 9 of "To Kill a Mockingbird" when he destroys her snowman by using mud to make a hat and beard on it. She gets upset and reacts by punching him in the face.

When Dill says that he helped engineer the train Jem says In a pigs ear you did Dill What does this mean?

Jem's response "In a pig's ear you did" is slang that means disbelief or skepticism, similar to saying "I don't believe you" in a playful or sarcastic way. Jem doesn't think that Dill actually helped engineer the train; he is expressing doubt about Dill's claim.

The climax occurs when the jury gives it's verdict. How does jem react to the verdict?

Jem reacts with disappointment and shock to the jury's verdict in "To Kill a Mockingbird." He struggles to comprehend the injustice of the decision and is deeply affected by the prejudice and racism exhibited by the jury.

What does jem do to thank their mysterious benefactor and what happens after?

Jem helps their mysterious benefactor repair their broken pocket watch as a way of expressing gratitude. After receiving help, Jem's benefactor reveals their identity and explains why they chose to help Jem.

Who does scout think pulled mrewell down when he was attacking her?


What things do Jem and Scout think the noise might be?

Jem and Scout initially think the noise in the Radley yard might be Boo Radley's ghost, a cow stuck in the fence, or someone playing a harmonica.

In what way does Jem break the one remaining code of childhood?

Jem told Atticus of the presence of Dill in their house. To Scout, this act makes Jem a "traitor," though it is really an act of responsibility that marks Jem's maturation toward adulthood.

What sport does jem like to kill a mockingbird?

In "To Kill a Mockingbird," Jem enjoys playing football. He is enthusiastic about sports and often practices with his father, Atticus. Football is a way for Jem to bond with his father and relieve his energy.

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