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Q: Why do you think legazpi succeeded in befriending rajah tupas and the cebuanos?
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What is the opposite of rajah?

Rajah is another name for king or monarch. The female equivalent of the rajah is called the rani.

A rajah is a what?

The definition of a rajah is a ruler in India or the East Indies. An example of a rajah is Manvendra Singh Gohil, former prince of India.

Use rajah in a sentence?

The rajah was revered by his countrymen.

What is the rajah's wife called?

In the Philippines they call a rajah's wife, Hara.

What is the name of Jasmine's tiger in Disney's Aladdin?

Jasmine's tiger is named Rajah.

What is the meaning of rajah?

A rajah is the tittle of a ruler in the country of India.

When was Culex rajah created?

Culex rajah was created in 1986.

When was The Rajah created?

The Rajah was created on 1919-09-14.

When was Toxorhynchites rajah created?

Toxorhynchites rajah was created in 1986.

When was Nepenthes rajah created?

Nepenthes rajah was created in 1859.

When was Rajah Tupas born?

Rajah Tupas was born in 1497.

When was Rajah Sulayman born?

Rajah Sulayman was born in 1558.

When did Rajah Sulayman die?

Rajah Sulayman died in 1575.

The epics of rajah indarapatra and rajah sulayman?

they were the two rajahs who ruled the maynilad

Is Rajah a cute name for a baby?

Yes Rajah is a cute name for baby as a matter of fact my name is Rajah so I say go for it. :)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Rajah - 1911?

The cast of The Rajah - 1911 includes: Marc McDermott as The Rajah Miriam Nesbitt Laura Sawyer

When was The Rajah's Diamond created?

The Rajah's Diamond was created in 1878-06.

What is Princes Jasmines pet tiger name?

Rajah is the name of Princess Jasmine's pet tiger.

When Rajah Muda Kiram went to Sabah?

sinu si rajah muda

When was Rajah Broadcasting Network created?

Rajah Broadcasting Network was created in 1963.

When was The Young Rajah created?

The Young Rajah was created on 1922-11-12.

When was V. K. Rajah born?

V. K. Rajah was born in 1957.

When was Indranee Rajah born?

Indranee Rajah was born on 1963-04-12.

When was Rajah Scops Owl created?

Rajah Scops Owl was created in 1892.

When did A. M. Rajah die?

A. M. Rajah died on 1989-04-08.

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