Why do you think planners and designers of curriculum include the subject humanities in your chosen field of study?


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it helps with what you are going to do next like say you are going to go swimming


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The humanities fields consist of various topics relating to human culture. Some examples include anthropology, history, economics, cultural studies and linguistics.

well education curriculum is just the knowledge and information that schools and teachers are required to include in classes and homework. So revised curriculum is just changing the information that has to be taught.

Database designers have many responsibilities related to their jobs. The main responsibilities include gathering information and inputting it in tables they have created.

Studying the humanities is vital to receiving a well rounded education. Humanities include English, social studies, geography, and politics. By studying these subjects, it helps to put historical and current events into context, so that a deeper understanding is reached.

The Philippines have many different curriculum that they use. Some of these include basic education, new elementary school, elementary learning competencies, and the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports curriculum.

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There are many factors effecting the curriculum developments in Pakistan. These factors include money and resources that are available to be used.

Important sources of curriculum evaluation include students, teachers, educational experts, subject experts, curriculum experts, policy making community, dropout sample, employers and entrepreneurs.

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Geography is important to include in the the curriculum for young children so that they understand where they live. Children need to understand geography in order to understand where resources and trade come from.

There were a number of famous fashion designers who were active during the 1940s. Some of these designers include Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Anne Klein. Their work is still very much in demand today.

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To establish goals to include celebrations in the curriculum, you first have to decide what celebrations to include in the curriculum. Next, decide what you want the children to learn about the celebrations and/or through learning about the celebration. Write it down. You may also write down how you can relate them to the established curriculum. After that, write 2-4 specific goals down and how the goals will be measured. Next, write down the specific lessons and activities you will use to meet each goal. (Make your lesson plans.)

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Scientific content include specific capacities, understandings, and abilities in science. It is different from the scientific curriculum. Scientific curriculum is the way scientific content is delivered.

Have you worked with an Instructional Designer before? What was your experience like? There are three reasons why instructional designers are important to a curriculum development team. These three reasons include the following:1.Being Resourceful:One reason why instructional designers are important is because they have a great deal of experience on curriculum development projects. For example, when it comes to different types of courses that will need to be developed, this is where the value of the instructional designers will be recognized. Often times, instructional designers are able to bring in additional examples to support the current curriculum development project.2.Respecting a Different Perspective:Another reason why instructional designers are important is because they bring a totally different perspective than other individuals’ that serve on the curriculum development team, especially the Subject Matter Expert (SME). For example, the SME may have knowledge about the content and how it is being delivered in an actual learning environment. Whereas, the instructional designer may look at the course from an instructional designer’s point of view and may determine that the content should be presented better in a media piece. If it is deemed better in a media piece, then it will be explained in a way that will help the SME understand why he or she will need to create the content in a certain way.3.Building Relationships:The last reason why instructional designers are important is to build working relationships. Typically, the instructional designer will work with many SMEs on a variety of subject matter and he or she will be able to help SMEs build working relationships with other key curriculum contacts. This is why it is important to be open minded and make sure that the relationship with the instructional designer is strictly professional and a little bit of leisurely talk to build a social relationship to help get the job completed in a timely manner. It is important that curriculum development is not an easy assignment so that is why a positive attitude is key when working with a cadre of curriculum development professionals.Each of these is great reasons to consider being a part of a curriculum development team. If given the opportunity, it is important to make sure that one is on good terms with the instructional designer.

What are Liberal Arts and Humanities?Liberal Arts and Humanities are college degree programs that emphasize a broad study across disciplines.As defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, a college or university with a liberal arts and humanities has the goal of “imparting general knowledge and developing intellectual capacities, in contrast to a professional, vocation, or technical curriculum.”Liberal Arts and Humanities encompass literature, history, foreign languages, philosophy, and art.Humanities departments usually have a focus on the human condition and may include anthropology, geography, and cultural studies programs.Some colleges include Humanities within the study of Liberal Arts.These colleges generally consider Liberal Arts the study of three disciplines: the humanities (history, literature, language, art, and history), social sciences (anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, social studies, and sociology), and the study of science and mathematics.The Liberal Arts and Humanities StudentStudents of Liberal Arts and Humanities seek a flexible program that allows them to engage with several disciplines and explore multiple perspectives.The best Liberal Arts and Humanities students enjoy dense reading, extensive research, and public speaking.Students follow, and in many cases are allowed to construct, a curriculum that provides study across the broad spectrum of disciplines that emphasize critical thinking and analytical skills.After a few semesters of studies some students may want to narrow their major down to a specific discipline within the Liberal Arts and Humanities department.Majoring in a specific field, or adding a minor may be helpful when entering the job market after graduation.Liberal Arts and Humanities CareersA degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities lends itself to many careers.Those involving research or writing such as publishing, education, media, and journalism are usually a good fit for graduates.Liberal Arts and Humanities CollegesDegree programs in Liberal Arts and Humanities are among the most popular.As a result, they are offered at most traditional colleges as well as through online colleges.A degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities can be earned completely online through Boston University, Florida Tech, St. Leo University, and Ivy Bridge colleges.These are just a few of the many online colleges offering a Liberal Arts and Humanities degree program with all the convenience of a virtual campus.

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Some would include:English literatureartmusichistoryphilosophyforeign language

Simply because we need to know how to take care of our environment.

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