Why do you use animal testing?

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Animal testing helps to cure diseases and to discover new cures and vaccines for both, animals AND humans. It is totally normal that humans use animals to test on because we use nature for our own health. However, animal testing used for cosmetics is completely cruel and unnecessary.

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Q: Why do you use animal testing?
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Does dove use animal testing?

Yes. According to PETA's Website Dove does conduct animal testing.

Does nair use animal testing?


What is the American government's opinion towards animal testing?

The current laws regarding animal testing are that the animal testing must be carefully reviewed and overseen. There are several laws regulating the use of animals for testing.

Does vichy use animal testing?

According to Vichy does use animal testing for some of its products. And it is good to keep in mind that Vichy is owned by L'Oréal Paris, one of the biggest animal testing companies on the planet.

What percentage of cosmetic brands use animal testing?

40 per cent of companies are still using animal testing

Does no7 use animal testing on its makeup?

Yes No they do not.

What companies don't use animal testing?


Are there animals used for making or testing cosmetics?

Yes, many animal byproducts are used within cosmetics and animals are routinely tested upon - even if a company claims not to support animal testing, they may use research based on animal testing by other companies or be owned by a parent company who use animal testing. Proctor & Gamble are the worst for this, they not only use animal testing but have supported grossly unethical animal testing and outright torment animals - aka Huntington Life Sciences.

Who decides what the stakeholders are in animal testing?

I think it would be the companys who animal test, people who use the product (suporters), and the people who are against animal testing.

Should you use animal testing?

No, because an animal is also a living thing.

What good about animal testing?

most of the medicines we use on a daily basis, and most of the treatments in hospitals were created through animal testing

What products use animal testing?

Some (in)famous brand names that use animal testing are: Avon, Arm & Hammer, CoverGirl, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, and Suave.

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