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Because an ion is not a molecule.

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It's an ionic molecular compound

No; the compound with the formula NH4Br is an ionic compound.

Niacin is a molecular compound with the formula C6H5NO2.

What you write for an ionic compound is called the formula unit, but the formula unit is almost always the same as the empirical formula. The answer to your question could not be the molecular formula because an ionic compound is not a molecule.

Ozone is a molecular covalently bonded compound. The molecular formula is O3

MgCI2 does not exist. The formula is MgCl2 with a lowercase L. This compound is ionic.

An ionic compound cannot be represented by a molecular formula because it is not made up of molecules.

Ammonia is a molecular compound and not ionic.

NaBr is a formula unit because it is an ionic compound.

covalent, molecular compound Not ionic

NaHCO3. Note that since this compound has ionic bonds, it does not strictly have molecules but instead has "formula units.

Magnesium oxide is an ionic compound with the formula MgO.

The term formula mass is generally defined as the mass of a unit cell in an ionic compound. Molecular compounds are just defined in terms of molecular mass.

Since carbon monoxide is not an ionic compound it technically doesn't have an ionic formula. The molecular formula for carbon monoxide is CO

Molecular compounds are formed between two ionic bonds

Sort of, though the term "chemical formula" is more accurate for describing compound molecular or otherwise.

it is a molecular compound

Lithium oxide does not exist as molecules, as it is an ionic compound.

A covalent compound, not ionic

Molecular, specifically an organic compound with the general formula: CH3(CH2)3OH

N2O3 is not an ionic compound.

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