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Q: Why do you want to be a national honor society member?
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How do you write a national jr. honor society essay?

You would write it by putting it into what format they would want it in, you would then write why you want to be in NJHS and how/what you would like to learn in it. Hope this helps!

How did the war hawks want to restore national honor?

By going to war with Britain

Why might spartans have seen their society as a utopia?

The spartans may have believed that their society was utopian because every member of society contributed. Every member of society received their fair share of the collective goods. They believed that they had eliminated want.

Is National Geographic Society a common noun or proper noun?

National Geographic Society is a proper noun because it is a name.

Why is joining a national honor society important?

It helps you if you want to get a scholarship. It also improves leadership skills. If you join, there will be allot of community service opportunities. I have been in NJHS since sixth grade and have NEVER regretted joining.

Where was the first national graphic society organizational meeting held?

I'm not sure this is what you want, but "The National Geographic Society" seal is imprinted with "Incorporated 1888".

Sentence using the word dignified?

We want a dignified member of society as mayor

How did a group of young politicians known as the war Hawks want to restore national honor?

by leading an invasion of British-held Canada

What holidays do you honor your military on?

it depends who you want to honor

You want to play Augusta national golf course?

So does every golfer. You will need to qualify for The Masters or get invited to play by a member.

How should you show respect for the national flag of trinidad and tobago?

In order to show respect for the national flag of Trinidad and Tobago, you must treat the flag with honor. You also will want to hang it at half mast if someone has passed away.

Which astronaut has flown the space shuttle most?

Yes, I'm a Planetary Society member too, and I want to know as well! ;-p

How did the group young politicans known as the war hawks want to restore national honor?

They weren't called "war" hawks. Hawks were pro-military, and Doves were peace-niks; fairly well anti-military (almost anti-military). Doves really didn't care about "honor", peace was their quest. The Hawks (pro-military) spoke of honor.

Do we still honor Abraham?

I want to know the answer

Who traditionally plans a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Traditionally, the Miad of honor plans the shower along with the bridesmaids. However, a family member or co-worker may want to plan a shower also.

When is the time to honor military heroes?

You should honor them when you want to. like after their death or on the day of their death.

How much does unc cost?

I want somebody to answer this because I'm only in middle school but almost in the national honors society and they want us to start thinking about college and i want to get a major or possibly a PHD in nursing and want to know as much as possible about Chapel Hill to get ready:))))

How can you be a member of alfursan?

yes,i want to be a member in alfursan

I want to be a member of freemasonry society please how will i contact you?

Go to one of the lodges, the fact that you have resorted to wikianswers will likely mean you will not be accepted as you should have been able to find them of your own initiative

Can you cheat to be a member?

no, but if you want to be a member you can buy a membership card

On Mushi monsters how many mushlings can you get if you are not a member?

you can only get 2 if you are not a member. if you are a member, you can get as many as you want

How do you become a member of a secret society?

In most cases, you can only become a member of a secret society if another member inducts you into it. Secret societies (and other exclusive organizations, like private clubs, the mafia, and the John Birch Society) have no interest in attracting applicants; their members choose people they *want* to join, and then the society spends a good deal time examining and discussing the the prospect before the prospect is even aware that he is being considered for membership. There are a exceptions, such as legacies (I'm certain that many of the members of Skull and Bones, for instance, knew that they would be considered because their fathers were members), but as a rule you're out of luck unless someone on the inside wants you in.

Is social security number needed?

if you want to be an existing member of society? yes social security number is your existence in government databases, without SS number, you don't exist

Why must states honor the legality of one another's laws?

Most states honor the legality of laws set by others because they want them to honor theirs as well. It is called reciprocity.

Is the National Society of High School Scholars worth the membership fee?

i got the same invitation to join and i have done some research and it seems to me that the national society of high school scholars is a SCAM. they only want your money, and only a tiny fraction goes into scholarships. the fact that you have to question it at all makes it a shady organization, if i were you than i would NOT get involved in that organization.