Why do you want to work in the oil and gas industry?

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Oil and gas has a solid Job security for the foreseeable future and you make quite a bit more in oil and gas than in other industries.

How many employees work in the oil and gas industry worldwide?

According to the Oil and Gas Global Salary Guide for 2013, thereare 5 million people employed worldwide in the gas and oilindustry. One would also assume there millions indirectly workingin related jobs. There are also 6.5 million people working in therenewable energy industry worldwide.

Why do you want to work in banking industry?

My customer service skill, my mathematical background, my ability to communication effectively. As well as interest in banking industry, starting as teller will give me the opportunity to grow within the banking system: Teller, Personal Banker, Some day to become branch manager!

Why do you want to work in the retail industry?

The retail industry is an excellent job for those who like to workwith people. The retail industry is a good match for someone wholikes the challenge of setting goals and reaching them. It has manyopportunities for advancement.

Why do you want to work in an oil company?

ExxonMobil who was the most profitable company and second to Shell as the biggest company, in 2009, are both apart of the oil and gas industry which is the third fast growing industry in 2009.

What do civil engineers do in oil gas petrochemical industry?

a civil engineer construct, manage,the oil and gas field though it also include transportation of oil and gas as well as enviromental protection and digging of oil and gas wells.it also look after the pumping machines and laid the pipe line route.

Is the oil and gas drilling industry growing?

It generally depends on the price of oil and natural gas. When the price of oil/gas gets high, drilling for oil/gas generally increases thereafter. Oil and gas drilling has been growing in areas such as the northeast United States because of new discoveries and technology regarding shale gas.

What is the work of oil in gas engine?

Lubrication. If the engine loses its oil, then the internal engine parts are not lubricated and will therefore expand because of increased friction (generates heat). This will cause the engine to seize.

Is electronic and communication engineering important in oil and gas industry?

Yes, it is an important aspect of oil and gas industry especially when we talk about the modern phase of O&G Sector. The mechanical operations on pipeline are transforming into Mechatronics as the R&D in the field of electronics is progressing. No Oil and Gas company wants manual maintenance or cont ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to work in the aviation industry?

The is a job application question. The employer wants to know whyyou have applied for the job you have. We can not answer this foryou because in the end it is only YOU that know why you haveapplied for this job. The question is not difficult - if you do notthink you cannot answer it by yourself, the ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of ZONE 1 in oil and gas industry?

Areas subject to flammable gas hazards are classified as either Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2.. Zone 0 - An area in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of flammable substances in the form of gas vapour, mist or dust is present continuously or for long periods or frequently.. ( Full Answer )

What is cyber rig in oil and gas industry?

Cyber-Rig is a physical model of a semi-submersible drilling unit. The model has eight rotatable azimuth thrusters, two on each leg. The task in control allocation is to generate the generalized forces (surge, sway, yaw, pitch and roll) the controller specifies with the available control effectors/a ( Full Answer )

How do you locate the equipment in oil gas industry?

you should know how to recognize the equipment, you should look for website dealing with oil and gas equipment like this one: http://www.durammask.com, then you will be able to locate these kind of oil and gas equipment

What is closed in tubing head pressure in Oil and Gas industry?

usually, the tubing head is the cross-tee connected by flange both at top and bottom. The tubing head is installed on the flange of the casing head, so as to hang the tubing string and seal the annular space between the tubing string and the production casing. The tubing head is made up of the tubin ( Full Answer )

What is a production analyst do in the oil and gas industry?

Evaluates production analysis, input production data, reports oil and gas accruals to state and federal reporting. Does daily morning production reports. and handles all production data entry along with production well maintenance. \n.

Civil engineer's work in oil and gas?

Getting a job is a tough business, especially in the competitive engineering industry. But don't get discouraged. What employers want most out of job applicants is intelligence, passion and solid career training. Everything else, you can learn on the job. See the related link.

What is the role of a petrophysicist in the oil and gas industry?

Exploration, development and production evaluation and operations . Field development and rehabilitation . Reserves and resources reporting requirements or statutory reporting or financing purposes . Due diligence property evaluation and valuation for acquisition, divestiture or dispute resolutio ( Full Answer )

What is formation damage in the oil and gas industry?

Formation Damage Formation Damage can be defined as, "a reduction in permeability around a well bore, which is the consequence of drilling, completion, injection, attempted stimulation or production of that well." Formation Damage can cause significant decreases in well productivity and worldwide y ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to nationalize the gas and oil industries?

Technically nationalizing gas and oil is very straightforward it is making an industry (here gas and oil) that is controlled by the private sector (international actors) into something that is owned and controlled by the government (national).. hence nationalizing. \ Now what the effect of nation ( Full Answer )

What influenced the oil and gas industry in early 2000s?

the sluggish economy and unusually warm weather caused a decrease in demand. Second, on December 2, 2001, Venezuela's exports fell off drastically due to a strike. Finally, the U.S. war with Iraq in 2003 caused market volatility

What is blind drilling in oil and gas industry?

If there are natural fractures in a reservior & there is a riskof too much loss circulation of drilling fluid then we go for blinddrilling where drill cuttings are deposited on fractures & fillthem to avoid loss circulation during drilling to getting goodproduction. efhim.ru

What is use of Pulsation Dampeners in Oil and Gas Industry?

Pulsation dampeners can be used for the following cases:. It can be used for leakages in a hydraulic system. Also it can be used for any pressure changes due to thermal expansion.. It can be used as an energy storage device (Accumulator) in a hydraulic system. It supplies hydraulic power for a sho ( Full Answer )

What is the use of Wellhead Equipment in Oil and Gas Industry?

Wellhead equipment are used in connecting the casing and tubing to an oil or gas pipeline. These are useful in suspending the casing strings and help seal the well. The casing is a permanently-installed pipe for lining the well hole to provide pressure containment and prevent collapse. Wellhead equ ( Full Answer )

What is the role of Quantity Surveyor in oil and gas industry?

By qualification & training, quantity surveyors (QS) would have the knowledge and skills in costing, estimating , planning, tender documentation, evaluation of tenders, contract award and administration of the contracts. With these knowledge and skills QS would be able to play many roles in oil & g ( Full Answer )

What does BOE mean in the Oil and Gas Industry?

A term used to summarize the amount of energy that is equivalent to the amount of energy found in a barrel of crude oil. There are 42 gallons (approximately 159 liters) in one barrel of oil, which will contain approximately 5.8 million British Thermal Units (MBtus) or 1,700 kilowatt hours (kWh). ( Full Answer )

Where can one search for employment in the oil and gas industry?

Jobs in the oil and gas industry are available all over the world and there are several dedicated job search sites to help people find a relevant position. For example Oil Careers have many job vacancies listed. Additionally many individual roles have their own forums and these can be a good place ( Full Answer )

What does upstream mean in the oil and gas industry?

In the oil and gas industry, the term "upstream" refers to the ever-rising value of oil for the general consumer but not the big companies. The leaders of the gas industry can set the price at a level of their own choosing.

Where can one find a job in the oil and gas industry?

One can find a job in the oil and gas industry through a number of job seeking websites. One can find listings on sites such as 'indeed', 'Monster', 'Oil Careers' and 'myOilandGasCareer'.

How has the oil and gas industry affected the environment?

The oil and gas industry have had serious effects on theenvironment by digging and drilling for oil causing the Earth'sresource to slowly deplete. Another factor is when they use faultyequipment causing large scale oil spills that end in the death ofthousands of animals.

Which area of the film industry do you want to work in?

The Part of the Film industry that I am most interested in would bethe Animated Films or the Fantasy films. This would be a greatopportunity to give creativity skills plus the opportunity to makefilms that will make children happy.