Why do you want to work in the pipeline industry?

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I could in any field I have a practical and perspective understanding of just about all things i am an engineer.
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Why do you want to work?

Why Work . There are so many reasons to work. To be with your peers after establising a Social Network. This creates a sense of well being and independence. Not to mention the need to be an asset to the community to continue economic growth and the requirements to survive in todays world where ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to work in banking industry?

My customer service skill, my mathematical background, my ability to communication effectively. As well as interest in banking industry, starting as teller will give me the opportunity to grow within the banking system: Teller, Personal Banker, Some day to become branch manager!

Why do you want to join IT industry?

IT sector is the worlds fastest growing sector , every device wesee around is running only on programing , from mobile to laptop ,other countries are making good revenue by using IT technology ,now its our time to show our IT technology to world

Why do you want to join the service industry?

there are many reasons why one would join the security industry , for example it is flexible as you can work four days and rest also it is easy to find security job because these days there are a lot of security jobs.

Why do you want to work in the retail industry?

The retail industry is an excellent job for those who like to workwith people. The retail industry is a good match for someone wholikes the challenge of setting goals and reaching them. It has manyopportunities for advancement.

You want deffination of avaition industry?

avation industry such aindustry that serves the people to reach their destination comfortibly safely in minimum time with full of satisfaction instead of maximum profit without cuttlement of minimum passenger aminity.

What does industrial work mean?

"Industrial work" is where companies hire actors to film training tapes for their employees. There are a lot of companies that will set up scenario type situations for filming to train their employees on the "how to" handle certain situations. .

Why do you want to join hotel industry?

If you would like to join the hotel industry, you might say, 'Ienjoy working in a service oriented industry.' You might like thechallenge of working with people and customer service so you couldshare that.

Why do you want to work for me?

it has a good reputation and it gives customers what they want by satisfying their needs it give them a good shopping experience when they come to your store it is rapidly going into expansion and i would like the professional delevelopment to participate in something that would impact peoples lives ( Full Answer )

What is a pipeline?

A pipeline is a tube or conduit, usually metal, that carries liquids (such as water and gasoline) or gas (such as natural gas). It runs underground to carry these products to distant areas. As a metaphor, it means the flow of materials (or information) within a process or organization.

Why you want to join airlines industry?

Many airline employees enjoy several perks such as: free travel for themselves and free or discounted travel for their families. one employee that I knew said he got 8 free airline tickets a year, and was able to get tickets for immediate family members for $ 10.00, inside the US

Why do you want to work in the aviation industry?

The is a job application question. The employer wants to know whyyou have applied for the job you have. We can not answer this foryou because in the end it is only YOU that know why you haveapplied for this job. The question is not difficult - if you do notthink you cannot answer it by yourself, the ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to join retail industry?

This is a question form a job application and only YOU can answer it because it is YOU that asked for the application. I don't want to join the retail industry!

The north wanted to protect its industry?

Yes - with tariffs on imports. It was the South that mostly needed the imports, having no industry of its own. So it felt like the North taxing the South.

How did telephones work in the industrial times?

The earliest telephones had a direct wire connection to a localcentral switchboard. By turning the crank attached to the phone (nopush buttons or dials back then) you notified the operator of theswitchboard that you wanted to make a call. You then told her whichperson and number you wanted to reach ( Full Answer )

Is there any good introductory book about cars for a college freshman who major in mechanical engineering and want to work in car industry in the future?

If your talking about becoming a car mechanic in the future, and you would like to read on how to fix a vehicle, step by step, then i would suggest you stop in your local Canadian Tire Store and ask the clerk at the parts counter for a repair manual of any vehicle of your choice. There is lots of in ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to join hospitality industries?

Promising profession: Hotel management jobs not only offer you great growth opportunities but a promising career. There are activities worth your time and attention that can provide you the purpose you have been looking for. . It gives you the opportunity to meet new people: What makes these hosp ( Full Answer )

Where does an industrial pharmacist work in a company?

Industrial pharmacists work alongside scientists in the pharmaceutical industry who specialise in other areas to discover new ways of combating disease and improving manufacturing and production techniques.

Where did the mudlarks work in the Industrial Revolution?

A mud lark is someone who scavenges in river mud for items of value such as; discarded rubbish, household items and toys. Children would scavenge in the River Thames during low tide, mud larks were usually young children aged between eight and fifteen or widowed women. Becoming a mud lark was a cry ( Full Answer )

How milk industry works in Pakistan?

Milkindustry is at its boom in Pakistan these days. There are two maincompetitors in this field in Pakistan i.e. Engro Foods and NestleFoods. Though Nestle is the old giant in this field but still Engrohas surpassed it with its overall production.

How does ultrasound in medicine and industry work?

Ultrasound is absolutely safe. It uses mechanical waves, e.g. sound waves, to detect depth and shape of internal figures. The reflection of the waves back to the sensor show the image according to the strength of the wave upon its return.

How does distillation work in industry?

You heat a liquid until the part you're interested in vaporizes, and then condense that part. (OR You boil off the part you don't want and keep what's left.)

What does a pipeliner do?

A pipeliner is a welder with a specialized skillset in welding pressure and transmission pipe line in order to aid in transporting fuel, gas or other liquids from the production zone to the market. Pipeliners typlically carry all their tools and specialty equipment with them on their trucks. For mor ( Full Answer )

Why do you want to join in airlines industries?

I want to join airline industry because dis industry Is bomming up in the international level. And I wanna place my self in this indusrty because. Its a very intresting field. Where you can learn many things. Related to this field

What did the North want to protect its industry?

It wanted to protect its industry by levying tariffs (taxes) on cheap imports. The South had very little industry, and needed cheap imports. So the tariffs looked like a tax by the North on the South.

Why do you want to become part of the industry?

Either you want to become a worker, or you want to become a manager, a secretary, a chief, a vice-presidente and finally you become a President of a Big Enterprise. What do you want ?

In what industry does Ray J work?

Ray J is listed as a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor in Wikipedia. Therefore, he belongs to the movie and music industry in the United States.

What are some jobs available to those that want to work in the chemical industry?

The chemical industry is comprised of many specialty career types, and the exact route a chemist may choose for a career will largely be determined on what type of chemistry is studied. Pharmaceutical chemistry is a highly competitive and well paying career, and nanotechnology is an emergent one. ( Full Answer )

Which area of the film industry do you want to work in?

The Part of the Film industry that I am most interested in would bethe Animated Films or the Fantasy films. This would be a greatopportunity to give creativity skills plus the opportunity to makefilms that will make children happy.

What are pipelines?

They are metal (or perhaps plastic) tubes through which gases orchemicals are pumped from one place to another.