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Why do your boyfriend enjoy hurting you mentally and physically?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:17:55

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You shouldn't be with someone like that. He has issues. Big problems and you cant let yourself live with pain and suffering like that. It doesnt matter how much you love him because he will never love you the way you want him to if he hurts you like that!

2011-09-13 14:17:55
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How do you know if you and your boyfriend are ready for sex?

You'll know when you're ready. You fist must be ready mentally and physically. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to either. but if you're decided with you're decision then remember that you have to be protected. Enjoy!

Is it normal if you enjoy hurting your body?

No, it is not normal to enjoy hurting your own body. Anyone who does this should seek medical attention.

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How come girls enjoy physically hurting guys?

Some girls will do it because you've done something stupid, like hurt her feelings or not notice how she looks. Some will do it because it's an affectionate thing. Most girls do it because about 80% of the time, the guy deserves it. Coz its fun!!!! Also very interesting is messing with them mentally ;-)

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Your boyfriend will enjoy ur love,, that should be enough for him

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Because they feel it as a release, like hurting themselves is the only way they can feel or have any control over themselves.

What is the most painful and hurting part in a relationship?

The most painful part is breaking up or breaking someone hart ! or remembering like a past boyfriend :) xx

What do you call a person that enjoy hurting themselves but they're not Emo?

They are referred to as 'Self Harmer's.

Is it healthy for a man to enjoy wearing artificial breasts a bra and women's panties?

ANSWER: It is ok for a male to experience what a female goes through daily or want to experience femaleness. Lucky that is all he wants to do. Um, physically healthy. Something wrong mentally though.

Can you sue your ex-boyfriend?

Apparently no. I wouldn't worry about such a thing if I were you. Just move on and enjoy life.

How do you keep our boyfriend when your 11?

well it's ok to have a boyfriend but don't go too low.... hang out with him and enjoy

Why do some women not enjoy sex?

she may not be mentally prepared or the partner fails to meet her requirements/fulfillment.

Can you finger your boyfriend?

Yes some guys enjoy to be fingered in the ass

Should you stop crossdressing?

As long as you are not hurting anyone, I would say don't stop. Enjoy it. Its a great fetish to have and love.

You can't focus when your boyfriend kisses you what do you do?

You aren't meant to focus as such.. just enjoy it!

What do you do when your boyfriend grinds on you?

well that's all up to you if you enjoy it go with it if you don't enjoy it tell him to stop if he has a problem tell him to take a walk

If you are a girl-Is it normal to have sex-a lot for a period of time then to stop having sex-and for you to Mentally and Physically crave to have sex?

most ppl have cycles i belive. but sex is natural enjoy it while ur young but be responsible and wear a condom unless u want a son or daughter

Is it okay to release your anger with tears if it keeps you from hurting someone?

If it prevents you from hurting them, Yes! I often show my anger with tears, and people don't understand. I usually end with have fun.. But it doesn't seem appropriate here. So... Enjoy?

What is the best way to shave pubes?

Allow your boyfriend or girlfriend to do it for you... It surely both of you will enjoy.

What to do on the weekend with your boyfriend?

Well there is lots to do...Pick something you both will enjoy, remember, and have fun.

Is making out in a movie theater bad?

no of course not! enjoy your boyfriend/husband/lover/etc.

What to get my boyfriend for our one year anniversary?

Get something that both you can enjoy. Or if you are a cool girlfriend you will get something he can enjoy like a game or something. Even something that has to do with sports will do.