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They want attention so bad they will go anywhere with you. They're just generally very curious as to what's there and what you're doing there. My cat even tried to jump to the toilet seat and I was just not fast enough after pee-ing closing the toilet cover and flush. He fell into it -_-... I had to give him a very thorough bath... After that, I keep him OUTSIDE THE DOOR even if he follows me... Also my female cat LOVES to play with toilet paper. You just leave her with 1 roll of toilet paper and she'll smother it down to toilet paper heaven in the entire room, and it's really hard to vacuum it up off, and especially in just regular room with carpet, it's hard to sweep up...

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How does Feliway Spray work for cats?

Feliway Spray works for cats by making the cat not want to use the bathroom in the areas in which the spray was applied. This spray acts as a repellent from cats using the bathroom.

Why can't cats give you privacy in the bathroom?

Cats can give you privacy in the bathroom but sometimes choose not to. This is because they are very fickle creatures and want attention all of the time.

Where is the bathroom on Petz Catz Clan?

I don't think you need one??? My cats never had to go to the bathroom?!

What happened in 1775-1781?

cats went to the bathroom

Why cats like to be in the bathroom while you relieve?

Either you have a weird cat or the litter box is in the bathroom, and it wants to be sure YOU are not using it.

Where do red cats come from?

so, red cats come from other cats, they die their head.

Do cats go to bathroom?

Yes, they do. But they usually don't when a person is around.

How do cats know to use the litter box?

It is a cats instinct to go to the bathroom kinda like doing the right thing.

What kinds of cats come from Asia?

patero cats come from Aisa

In there's a boy in the girls bathroom does Bradly or Jeff go in the the girls bathroom?

both of them come in the girls bathroom

What do cats get up to during day and night?

Possibly to go to the bathroom, or to hunt.

Where do Russian blue cats come from?

Russian blue cats come from Russia.

Does not having cats neutered make them go to the bathroom more?

Not necessarily, but male cats will tend to spray their urine to mark their scents.

Where do black cats come from?

Other cats.

What is a standard bathroom counter?

There is no standard bathroom counter. Bathroom counters come in all shapes and sizes, according to what the client wants

Do Persian cats come from Persia?

persians cats mostly come from iran :D

Why are some cats only lovable in the bathroom?

cat's don't want to take a bath

Why can't cats produce puppies?

because they are cats? because cats come the cat family and dogs come from a canine family.

Where do the cats come from in pet stores?

Other cats

Werer do cats come from?

mother cats peline

Why do cats go to the bathroom?

This is easy! Cats go to the bathroom, for the same reason humans go to the bathroom! They drink and eat, and finally they have to just let it all out to make room for the new food and drink. Most cats go to the toilet in a little box with newspaper or other stuff in it. It is called a kittylitter. It is most helpful, and so am I. Toodle loo! Please don't ask anymore silly questions!

Do cats of the same litter come from separate male cats?

They can.

Where do orange tabby cats come from?

Orange tabby cats are thought to have come from the African desert. Over time, the have adapted into smaller, domesticated cats.

Why won't cats come when called?

actually some cats do, it depends on if you have trained them to do it. the cats that don't come either have not beed traind to come on call, or they are just to idapendant. (cats are a verry independent race, that is why they often wander off to be by themselfs.)

Why do cats pee on bedding?

Cats usually do not go to the bathroom in places other than their litter box. If the litter box is full or in a place hidden, you must make sure they know where it is! Some outdoor cats go to the bathroom outdoors, so no worry there. When cats go to the bathroom in places other than the litter box or outdoors, it is not their fault, trust me. Make sure they are trained (Kittens sometimes need a little training), and make sure you show the cat where the litter box is in order to find it!