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Q: Why do your children in Africa mostly develop diarrhea while teething?
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Why do many children of southern Africa develop illnesses?

Many children of Southern Africa develop illnesses because they lack medical assistance and medication. This is because South Africa is known as an area of poverty, and they simply cannot afford the medical advancements that the US has.

Why do so many children develop illness in southern Africa?

They don't have the proper health technology like we do.

When and where did agriculture develop in Africa?

The Banana King was born in Africa and helped the KFC people develop.

What river helped civilizations to develop in West Africa?

The Nile River helped civilizations to develop in West Africa.

Diseases in Africa?

Malaria, Diarrhea, AIDS, HIV, and Rabies.

Why didn't another kingdom develop in West Africa after the fall of Songhai?

why didnt another kingdom develop in west africa after the fall of songhai

What part of south Africa is most affected by diarrhea?

cape town

What is the theme to Anansi and his Children?


Difference between chronic and acute diarrhea?

chronic diarrhea you cant die from but acute diarrhea you are more likely to die but you only get that if you go to different country's like Africa or china or any other places

Where do hurricanes develop?

Hurricanes develop off the West Coast of Africa.

How many people die from cholera in Africa?

2000 people a year.

What caused a unique brand of Islam to develop in Africa?


Why didn't Africa develop as a single-culture region?

it is africa have hundrend og thing

What do children in South Africa eat in the morning?

children in Africa eat porridge for breakfast

Was the berbers were the first empire to develop in Africa?


On what continent did hominids first develop?


Was the Berbers the first empire to develop in Africa?


How did the slave trade affect west africa-?

The effect of slave trade on West Africa was that it impaired Africa's potential to develop.

Do all children go to school in Africa?

No, not all children in Africa go to school sadly.

What percent of children in Africa do not go to school?

1.4 million Children in africa do not go to school

How many people will develop hepatoma in Africa and Asia?

In Africa and Asia, over 40 persons in 200,000 will develop hepatoma (more than 90% of cases of primary liver are HCC).

What do Africa and Asia have in common?

Cholera is an infection of the small intestine that causes a large amount of watery diarrhea.

How many people die of diarrhea in Africa each year?

1.5 million childen each year

How many children are in Africa?

There are about 19 million children in Africa, and 2.1 million of them are victims to child trafficking.

How many children are kidnapped in Africa every year?

how many children get kidnaped every year in africa