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I would think its because certain foods give off different gasses. Therefore, causing the different smells.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-15 18:19:49
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Q: Why do your farts smell like the food you ate?
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Where can you smell farts at?

you can almost always smell farts when thy are seeping out of your butt hole depending on the food you ate

Why do all farts smell different?

Depends what you ate.

Can farts smell like peanut butter?

Yes they can. They can smell like whatever you happen to eat that day. My farts actually did smell like peanut butter one day. I ate a gallon drum of it and all of the sudden my fart smelled like PEANUT BUTTER!

Why does your burp smell?

A burp is the gases in your stomach from the food that you ate so it will most likely smell like what you last ate

Why did my feces change to smell like my baby's feces?

Because you ate baby food.

What does it mean when your farts stink?

Some odor is normal. When they smell worse than normal it usually has soemthign to do with something your recently ate.

Why does your sweat sometimes smell like something you ate?

because some of the water that comes from what you ate carries part of the oder of the food you ate and because your body uses this water as sweat

Why does your breath smell like you just ate a big pie?

you probs ate a pie?

Can you faint from farts?

depends what the person ate

Why do you smell like garlic?

Maybe you ate garlic?

Can human vomit smell and taste like aniseed?

It will probably smell and taste like anything the person ate.

Why does my dogs breath smell like manure?

2 reasons. The dog ate something other than it's food or it has bad teeth.

Why does your urine smell like asparagus?

because you ate much of the asparagus

Do dogs like camphor smell?

what do i do if my dog ate camphor berries

Why do cats smell?

They shouldn't smell bad. If they do, then it might be because their sick or they ate some bad food. If the smell is really strong you might want to take them to a veterinarian.

Why does my car smell like popcorn after i drive it for a few minutes?

cause you ate popcorn! If the smell bothers you, get air fresheners.

Does your burp smell?

Yes they do because the smell of anything you have ate will smell. Sometimes they smell even with out nothing because you have all ready ate something that is still coming out.

What was Hannah's magic cure for every ill in the book witch of blackbird pond?

she farts on her face then well she farts cuzz she ate oinions

Why do dogs smell when they bark?

Dog's breath may smell because of the oder in its mouth,like from what it ate.Hoped it helped! ~Sopielala

What food did the arawaks eat?

he Arawak's ate food like pepper pot . they also ate their national dish - cassava!

Why does your willy smell like cheese?

becuase your mom sucked it after she ate fermunda cheese

What did people eat in the southern colonies?

they ate meat and vegetables. they ate food like meat and vegetables.

What was the food like in the 1930s?

they ate pie and corn and muffins and they also ate whatever they could find

Who did eat the food or is who ate the food?

I would say: "Who ate the food?"

What does vomit look like?

Vomit looks like liquified food you ate.