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Why do your kitchen lights keep randomly getting dimmer and brighter?

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Most likely the startup current on a large appliance; a/c, fridge compressor or electric clothes dryer.

2007-06-27 02:12:10
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Is a magnitude 3 star brighter or dimmer than a magnitude 0 star?


Is a magnitude -3 star brighter or dimmer than a magnitude 0 star?

Brighter. Smaller numbers mean brighter stars.

Are stars cooler than the sun brighter or dimmer?

a sun is a star so it would be considered both dimmer .

Is Rigel brighter or dimmer?

Rigel is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

What is dimmer switch?

Usually a switch will only let you choose between ON and OFF, but a dimmer switch will let you change between Brighter or Darker.

When mars is in retrograde motion will it appear brighter or dimmer?

Brighter, since Mars is closest to Earth in its orbit and in a full phase as viewed from Earth.

What is the difference between Venus's and earth?

Venus is smaller and brighter, and Earth is bigger and dimmer.

Is the sun brighter than a star?

Yes, the sun s brighter than most stars, but it is dimmer than most of the stars we can see with our naked eye.

Does the darkness makes stars look dimmer?

No, the opposite. When the sky is darker the stars lookbrighter.

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Most dimmer switches will work with turning it to the left will make it darker and to the right will make it brighter. If you want it on or off you just push in the switch.

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Dimmer or brighter than what? Sunlight hitting the earth straight-on, as at the equator, is brighter, hotter and includes more intense ultraviolet radiation. Sunlight at an angle, the poles, for example, is less intense because it has to travel through more atmosphere. The atmosphere acts as a filter, effectively dimming the sun's radiation.

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They just stay where they are, getting dimmer and dimmer until they fade away.

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It's the same either way. It is a common optical illusion that the Moon is brighter or larger near the horizon, but actual measurements show no difference.

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It depends. As of March 2012, Venus is significantly brighter than Jupiter. However, Venus passed its maximum brightness around the beginning of March and will be getting dimmer.

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Simple, even though the sun is dimmer then many stars, it is over a thousand times closer to the earth and thus is larger to us and brighter

What is the function of dimmer?

Dimmers are the devices used for controlling the intensity of electric current.We can increase or decrease the RMS voltage.A dimmer switch will let you change between brighter or darker BY:Chaudhary Hashaam Asif

What is the relationship between surface temperature of a star and its brightness?

Hotter stars appear brighter, and cooler stars appear dimmer

What happens to the brightness of the bulb When you put a dimmer switch in your series circuit and turn it up?

I'm not sure what you mean by turning a dimmer switch "up".-- When the dimming action of the device is turned 'up', the bulbbecomes more dim, that is, less bright.-- The dimmer may have an arrow printed on its control, labeled 'brighter'.In that case, when you turn the control in the direction of the arrow,the light becomes brighter, i.e. less dim.

How do colors relate to filming sets?

Films use colors... The colors are dimmer because when the light shines through it will appear brighter.

Can dimmer switches be used with halogen lights?

. A halogen light bulb is very similar to an incandescent bulb. The Halogen bulb usually last a little longer and burn a little brighter. The Halogen bulb can be use with a dimmer.

How is it possible for a star that is actually brighter than another star to appear dimmer to an observer on earth?

becuase he needs his catarax doneAnother AnswerThe brighter star may be farther away or obscured by space-borne dust.

Can you see the sun from Eris?

Yes. While the sun is much dimmer when view from Eris, it is still brighter than any other star.

How do variable stars differ from other stars in the sky?

Variable stars are variable in their brightness, sometimes brighter, sometimes dimmer. The other ones are not variable.

Are stars brighter than the sun?

Most stars are dimmer than our sun (intrinsic brightness), and thus we cannot see them. However, most of the stars that we can see are actually quite a bit brighter than our sun. Some of them are exceedingly bright.