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A loud, screeching noise from the wipers is probably because the wiper motor needs to be oiled. There should be a small screw on top of the wiper motor. Remove this screw and add a few drops of machine oil. Also oil the arms where the wipers are attached near the windshield.

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Q: Why do your windshield wipers making a loud screeching noise even after you've replaced the blades?
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The answer to your windshield wipers making a banging noise could be a number of different reasons. It could be because they need to be replaced or it's something off track. The best way to find out the answer is either take your car to a mechanic or you could by new wiper blades and see if that works.

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Could be the wear indicators on the brake pads Last time pads were replaced?

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Windshield wipers won't park on my 1998 Firebird I've replaced the fuses and the relays and that did not help Any suggestions?

It probably is the wiper circuit board. Mine has the same problem but I think they have stopped making the board. If you find one please let me know.

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