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First try cheap route..stale gas?,water in gas? replace gas

Next...always let it cool down at low idle for a full two minutes before shutting it off.

Next...try carb cleaner in gas careful.. read instructions on can...most cans of carb cleaner are sold to put a whole can in a fullsize car with a 20+ gallon gas tank. So you won't need much for a small 1-2 gallon gas tank. Run the engine normally for that tankful of gas.

Next...remove carburetor disassemble and clean and perhaps put rebuild kit in if older unit or obvious problems.

Next...last resort...pull head and check for sticky valves or timing issues.

Many things can cause backfires, and many small engines are backfiring today because of alcohol in the fuel. It burns hotter and more readily. But that normally shows up in a back fire through the muffler

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Q: Why does 18hp Briggs and stratton backfire through carb?
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Which oil filter fits a Briggs and Stratton 18HP engine?

wal mart super tech filter # st3614 or Fram filter # ph3614

Oil capacity Briggs stratton 18hp v twin?

A Briggs and Stratton 18 HP V-Twin engine has an oil capacity of 1.75 quarts when the oil filter is also changed. If the oil filter is left on, it will require 1.5 quarts.

What is the torque sequence for a 18hp single cylinder Briggs and stratton engine horazontal shaft head?

The torque sequence for a single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine horizontal shaft head is increments of 2's for hp and 1's for head bolts. That makes 11 head bolts for an 18 hp.

How much oil does a 18hp Briggs and stratton twin ll hold?

48 ounces without filter change. 52 ounces with filter change. Do not overfill. I recommend you use Synthetic oil in any air cooled engine.

Why does my Cub cadet lawn tractor stall when the deck is engaged?

Mine was doing the same thing, and it turned out one of the plugs was not firing, which turned to be not the plug but the coil for that side (Briggs & Stratton 18hp on an MTD 1650 lawn tractor)

What engine is in a Bobcat Clark 310?

it will be a koler 14 or 16hp cant remember, or they also came with 18hp Briggs

Where is the oil filter on a 18 hp Briggs and stratton engine model 422707?

Most 18 hp engines and below did not come with a oil filter assembly. There are a few execptions out there, but those execptions are newer model engines only. Currently (2010) no engines with less than 18hp will come equiped with a oil filter. You have to ask the manufactures why they are moving in this direction.

How do you change the fuel filter on an older 18hp Briggs and Stratton vert shaft?

The fuel filter is usually clamped somewhere on the rubber gasoline hose between the fuel tank and the carburetor. Make sure there is no gasoline in the tank and unclamp both sides of the filter to remove it. When replacing the new filter, be sure you install it the same direction as the old one was installed. If you install it backward, the fuel will not flow to the carburetot.

Year of mercury 18hp outboard ser5955388?

A 18hp Mercury outboard, serial number 5955388 is a 1982 year model.

How much km is 18hp?


Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engine 18HP Model 350777 Type 1113-E1 Code 98111811 is not running normally. It is emitting black smoke out of the exhaust and has no power. What is wrong with the engine?

Try cleaning or replacing the air cleaner. A clogged air clearner will make the engine run rich (like having the choke on). The rich mixture will cause the blackish smoke. The fileter may not even look very dirty, but the element can still be plugged and cause a problem similar to what you describe.

What years were the mercury 18hp outboard manufactured?

Mid 80s