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Why does 256 MB ram is showing 128 MB?

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If you are using two memory modules in your computer, make sure both are inserted properly. If you remove one and the system still works, you know which one is not inserted properly.

If you are using a 256 MB module, you may have purchased a low quality module made using "low density" chips. These modules use slower chips to produce a memory module. These are incompatible with most chipsets, and are not standards-compliant. They usually only work well in low-end systems.

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What is 256 MB DDR RAM?

That means 256 megabytes of RAM that connects to the rest of your computer through the DDR interface.

how much RAM does the iPhone have?

256 MB of RAM.

Ram is usually sold in multiples of how many megabytes?

RAM is usually sold in multiples of 16 megabytes. (16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 same as 1 GB).

What is the difference between 256 MB and 512 MB ram?

512 is twice the load of 256

What is 128mb ram?

It is exactly what it is - 128 MB of RAM.

How much RAM does the iPhone 3GS have?

256 MB of RAM.

how much RAM does the iPhone 3G have?

256 MB of RAM.

What is 256 MB of RAM?

its a capacity of ram.. means that ram can handle up to 256 mega bytes of data..

What is the disadvantage of using two 64 modules instead of a single 128 module in a system with three slots for memory modules?

The disadvantage is that you've almost halved the total amount of RAM you can have in your system. Assuming your system only support up to 128 MB modules, you can now only have a total of 256 MB of RAM, instead of 384. If your computer supports 256 MB modules, you could have supported 768 MB, instead of 384 MB.

What is the absolute minimum RAM requirement for windows server 2003 standard edition?

Minimum ram standard edition 128 mb enterprise edition 128 mb datacentre edition 512 mb web edition 128 mb

Can a 256 MB memory support windows vista?

If you are asking if you can run Windows Vista on 256 MB of RAM, then yes. However, the Windows installer will not allow you to install on 256 MB of RAM without a patch. If you are asking if you can use Vista on a computer using 256 MB memory modules, then yes.

What are two disadvantages of using only one 256 MB module rather than two 128 MB modules?

Cost, and plus if you lose your memory then there's no RAM to recover the data.

Can nvidia mx 440 agp8x of memory 128 mb work as 256 mb memory?


How much will it cost to upgrade from 128 mb of ram to 256mb of ram?

It depends on what type of RAM

Is it appropriate to install Office XP on a system with 32 MB RAM?

No. Microsoft recommends a minimum of 128 MB of RAM.

What has more memory- 128 MB of RAM or 2.6 GB?

1 GB is the same as 1024 MB, so to answer your question, 2.6 GB of RAM is about 20 times the amount of RAM that 128 MB is. 2.6 GB is the larger amount.

What is the RAM offered on an Apple G4 laptop?

The Apple Powerbook G4 has a standard RAM of 128 MB and a maximun RAM of 1 GB for the Original Ti. The 128 MB RAM is a single module with one free slot.

How much memory does the PlayStation 3 have?

The PlayStation 3 is equipped with 256 MB of XDR DRAM, an extremely fast type of RAM. The GPU has access to an additional 256 MB of GDDR3 RAM.

You have 40gb memory and 632 MB ram in the computerhow much can you add?

I think you mean 40 GB of Hard Disk. There is nothing called 632 MB of RAM. RAM comes normally 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 MBs. You can add memory depending upon your motherboard. However 512 MB of RAM is good enough.

Can you have a computer with 1200 megabytes of RAM in the main memory?

Yes and no... Computer RAM comes in sizes which are powers of 2. It's possible to have one stick of RAM at 1024 MB and one at 256 MB for a total of 1280 MB. This is about as close as you can come to 1200 megabytes of RAM.

Is 2 gigabytes more than 256 megabytes of ram?

Yes. 1 GB (gigabytes) is 1000 MB (megabytes).

What are the system requirements for Fedora?

For text mode:200 Mhz Pentium128 MiB of RAM90 MB hard drive space.For graphics:400 Mhz Pentium II192 MB of RAM (recommended 256)hard drive space varies by packages - about 3 GB minimum.

What types of extra memory sticks can I get for my GameCube?

You can get GameCube Memory Cards in the following sizes, 256 MB, 128 MB, 64 MB, and 32 MB.

Which ram chips are compatible with Gateway 600ygr?

The Gateway 600YGR notebook comes with 200-pin industry standard DDR-SODIMM sockets that can accept 128-megabyte (MB), 256-MB, or 512-MB 266-MHz DDRAM memory modules. The memory is expandable up to 1,024 MB

What are the requirements of sims 2?

here are the system requirements for the sims 2 * 800 MHz processor * 256 MB RAM if Windows XP * 128 MB RAM if Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows 2000 * At least 3.5 gigs of free hard drive space