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Q: Why does Annie not show up for dinner on time?
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What is the vague pronoun in the sentence the family invited their neighbors to dinner but they didn't show up?

The family invited their neighbor to dinner, but the neighbors didn't show up

Can you sue someone who invited you to dinner but did not show up?


What is the use of a show-plate during dinner?

The use of a show - plate during dinner is simply to dress up the dinner table and make things look more fancy. The show plate goes under the main dinner plate.

What are daily routines of the army?

wake up do pft train lunch train dinner free time lights out wake up do pft train lunch train dinner free time lights out

Show me sentences using the word vigilant?

The vigilant lion crept up on it's prey and ate it for dinner.

Who picks the location for a wedding rehearsal dinner?

It should most definitely be the bride and groom with consideration of the groom's parents' expenses. If the bride and groom don't show up, then there is no rehearsel dinner.

What is the difference between a Broadway show and a Broadway play?

A broadway show i made up and new and a broadway play i a play of something like Annie or High School Musical.

How can a barometer help you fish?

Well, you see, fish are natural born scientists. They are infinitely curious about the world around them. Just show up with your fancy barometer instrument and they will just jump up into your boat, yearning to learn. Dinner time!

What is a gas matter?

hi wat up cool its dinner time gotta go

What should you do when you visit your fiance after a long time?

Go out to dinner & catch up on things.

What happened after Helen returned from the garden house?

After Helen returned from the garden house, she discovered that her family had been slaughtered and her village destroyed. This tragic event led her to seek revenge and ultimately join the fight against the invaders.

When Michelle woke up yesterday the temperature was 72 degrees F By lunch time the temperature had risen 15 degrees F By dinner time it had fallen 22 degrees What was the temperature at dinner time?