Why does Capulet want Juliet to marry Count Paris?

Capulet wants Juliet to marry Count Paris because:

Business: he is connected to the prince (money), so, it means more money for the family and Friendlier business relationship (support for the Capulets).

Social status: even more fame, and respect, greater influence over the Montagues, enhances position and influence.

Wishes the best for his daughter and feels that he has found a good, solid husband for her.

He fears death and is anxious about not having an heir (grandson).

He fells that marriage will curtail Juliet's grief.

More Information:

At the start of the play Old Capulet wants Paris to marry Juliet, but he would like Paris to wait until Juliet is sixteen. Paris is a good match for Juliet (Lady Capulet and the Nurse tell Juliet how Paris is wealthy, clever, and talented when they talk together about him in. However, Juliet is not quite fourteen, and Old Capulet thinks this is rather young to marry but other considerations override this concern. (Old Capulet himself is at least fifty years old, while Lady Capulet is in her thirties, so he probably has good reasons for thinking a very young wife is a lot of trouble). However, Juliet is his only surviving child, so when young Tybalt is killed unexpectedly in his duel with Romeo, Old Capulet remembers how easily young people die in medieval Verona - and decides that he wants Juliet to marry Paris as soon as possible.