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The celebration of Independence Day on the 3rd of July is a tradition born out of midwestern pragmatism. Most Chicagolanders are off from work on the 4th therefore if outside concerts and the Downtown fireworks are planned for the evening of the 3rd they are simply more convenient for the citizenry and can guarentee a good attendance. Chicagoans are social people and those without sleepy children to tuck-in may go from evening events in the parks to bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Money is spent in the city and everyone has a good time. After all, except for those in the service industry, there won't be many Chicagoans working the next day. Visit the lakeshore around 5am on the 4th and, given the number of people you see there, you may think that the sun had just set. When this tradition began I wouldn't know but I would suspect that in this hardworking union city it has long been that way.

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Q: Why does Chicago celebrate Independence Day on July third?
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