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Why does Christianity become meaningless if Jesus is God?


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Actually, Christianity becomes meaningless if Jesus is NOT God. If Jesus wasn't God, then he couldn't have risen from the dead or saved all the people from their sins. If that didn't happen Christianity is meaningless. If Jesus was not both God and man, then Christianity is meaningless

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Christianity is the worship of Jesus Christ. Development of Christianity would have started with the disciples when they become aware and believed that Jesus was the Son of God.

God 'founded' Christianity, and Jesus is God. So yes.

In Christianity, Jesus does not say he is God. Jesus is the son of God.

Christians follow Jesus and salvation from God through Jesus. Anyone who God allows and who wants to, can become a real Christian and gain wisdom from the Holy Bible.

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, or God himself. Islam teaches that Jesus and Muhammad were prophets of God.

Because Jesus Christ on which Christianity is based is the Son of God/God.

Christianity worships God and Jesus, God sent Jesus down to spread the message and that's how it started and why he's the founder.

Jesus is the son of God. (Christianity)

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God. Islam teaches that Jesus was a messenger of God. Christianity teaches the concept of Original Sin. Islam does not. Islam teaches that Muhammad was a messenger of God. Christianity does not.

Christianity was created to worship God, Jesus, and the Bible.

AnswerChristians believe that Jesus was sent by God to found Christianity.

Christianity is the ONLY religion out of three listed where majority of its followers truly believed Jesus to be 'the' God who created the world. Just type 'Jesus is God' or 'Is Jesus God' into your internet search engine to find out a plethora of views on the topic of Jesus as God! Judaism believe in One God and that God is not Jesus. Islam believe in One God and that God is not Jesus.

He is Jewish, but he is said to be the savior (the son of god) of Christianity.

Christianity does believe Jesus will return. Islam does not and believes Jesus was just a prophet--not the son of God.

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, part of God, or God himself (see Trinity). Islam teaches that Jesus was a man, not God or His son, and was miraculously born from the virgin Mary and chosen by God to deliver the message of monotheism.

No; that was Jesus the son of God in Christianity.

Jesus Christ, the son of God.

The basic common belief of Christianity is that God created all things and Is in heaven were all good believer of God go after death and that God came down to earth as Jesus and created Christianity. And that Jesus is one of three parts of God which are the father, son(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit

Jesus and God were and always are one.

God and Jesus Christ are the major leaders of Christianity.

Christianity does not have any prophets, Christianity is based on the belief of the God of Trinity, The father (God) , the Son (Jesus) and the holy spirit.

Passing on the question of whether the Chrsitian god and allah are the same only two religions have Jesus and god in their beliefs. In Islam Jesus is a profit, in Christianity there is a schism, some Jesus is a co-euivalent god and others do not. . Jesus is not part of Jewish belief and is not mentioned in the Torah.

Jesus was born to a Jewish family .But he taught about God.

Christianity is God religion per the Bible revelation to Jesus (PBUH)Most Christians believe that Jesus is God or son of God. Jews don't believe in Jesus. Muslims believe in Jesus as God Prophet and Messenger.Christians believe that Jesus was crossed. Muslims believe that Jesus was not the one who was crossed and that Jesus was raised bodily to the Heavens.Christianity is the first world religion per number of its followers in the world.Open for more to be added.

Jesus Christ aka God. The Holy Trinity was The Father(god) The Son(Jesus) And the Holy Spirit.

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