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To increase sales when they are released.

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Q: Why does Disney put movies in the vault?
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What movies are in the Disney vault?

The Disney Vault is a term used for the policy of when they release movies for sale. Movies that are in the vault now include "The Lion King", "Aladdin", and "101 Dalmations".

When is Aladdin coming out of the vault?

The animated movie 'Aladdin" was put back in the Disney vault in 2008. Disney does not tell you very much in advance when movies are coming out the vault, but it has been said that "Aladdin" will come out in 2015.

What Disney movies are in the vault?

the answer is they keep all Disney movies hey don't have any in vault except appropriate ones you can watch any any time

How long do Disney movies stay in the vault?

10 years

What movies are coming out of the Disney vault in 2013?

Aladdin and The Little Mermaid are rumored to be coming gout of the Disney Vault in spring of 2013.Frozen came out in the fall of 2013

What movies are going to be released from the Disney vault in 2011?

The atomic bomb and death by fire are the new children's Disney movies coming out in October and August.

When are Disney movies will be released form the vault?

whenever they need to upgrade, want more money, or just feel like they should be released from the vault

What Disney movies are going into the Disney vault 2012?

I have Heard that in The middle of March All Bambi titles, All Beauty & the Beast Titles & Finding Nemo are all going into the Vault! This was during a Disney Movie Rewards Customer Service Phone Call that I made

Will the Harry Potter series be locked in the Disney vault?

No; Harry Potter was not produced by Disney and therefore Disney does not have the right to lock it in it's vault.

What movies are in the disbey vault?

Snow White,Seven Dwarfs,Pinocchio,Fantasia,Bambi and Cinderella are the movies in the disbey vault.

What Disney movies are going into the vault?

This year on April 30, 2011 the movies going back into the vault are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the world's first full-length animated feature film in motion picture history, Pinocchio (1940), Walt Disney's second animated feature film, and Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 movie pack.

When will Sleeping Beauty be released from the Disney vault?

October 2008

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