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From the middle of July through October the waters of the Nile rise, bringing with them the precious silt that makes the soil Fertile

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Why is the soil of plains so much more fertile?

It is much more fertile because of the amount of water it has. the minerals from the soil also cause fertile soil.

Why is volcanic soil so fertile?

volcanic soil is so fertile because it has silica which is very fertile.

How can succession make a community's soil more fertile?

Succession can make soil more fertile by not plowing the ground so much. If your soil is not fertile than that means the soil is either drifting away in the wind or you are just not taking enough care into the soil. I hope that helps.

Why the red river valley was so fertile?

the soil was fertile

Does ancient Greece have good soil?

no because so much of the country is mountainous that only a small percentage of the soil is fertile.

Where was the fertile soil in Mesopotamia?

Because there were many floods over there, so when the flood break down, the water will dissolve into the soil. So the soil at Mesopotamia is very fertile.

Does Ireland have fertile soil?

yes Ireland does have fertile soil it needs fertile soil so it can grow its potatos, potatos are one of irelands main crop so they need to give it every thing so nothing bad happens to them again

Why do flood plains often contain very fertile soil?

Flood is a type of natural calamity. So, when it comes it washes away the soil and loss the soil. So, nitrogen enters in the soil and the soil becomes fertile.

How does soil absorb water?

by the water coming then the soil would become fertile soil so then plants can grow faster in the fertile soil. thank you for your question by permeability

Is red soil fertile?

red soil is not so fertile that is why the crops are grown in the rainy season in the red soil because they cannot contain moisture

Why do you think the soil is so fertile in this area of the state?

The two rivers carried sediments to the valley, making the soil fertile

How did the yearly flooding of the Nile River affect the people of Egypt?

Well it helped the people of Egypt to grow crops by making the soil fertile and so provided water that animals could drink.

What did the Phoenicians become since they had no fertile soil?

They had limited fertile soil and an expanding population, so they added trading to their income earnings.

Which two challenges occured in India that did not occur in Mesopotamia or Egypt?

The overuse of soil became a problem in India.The monsoon winds brought over fertile soil but the soil was depended on so much there would often be too many crops in the same soil over and over again.The monsoon winds brought too much wind to keep crops alive so it was quite a challenge in India.

What does lack of arable soil mean?

Arable land is land that can be used to grow plants on and is where the soil is fertile. So in answer to your question, lack of arable soil means there is not enough fertile soil.

What does fertile soil do?

Fertile is plants that need minerals in the soil for them to grow well.these minerals may enter the soil from the naturalAnswerWell, when soil is fertile that means that it is very very good for growing plants in. So if you have fertile soil and you are a farmer, you would want to grow crops for food or materials in the soil. Answernothing unless you plant something in it

What physical feature of Egypt made it a good place to settle?

It has the Nile river running through the middle of it, so the soil is very fertile and good for farming.

How did the yearly flooding of the nile river affect the people of Egypt and kush?

It made their soil fertile so they then they could plant and grow crops more easily

Why are volcanic soils so fertile?

Soils are so fertile because the ash adds minerals such as potassium to the soil.

Advantages of alluvial soil?

There are so many advantages of alluvial soil. Some of the advantages include being fertile, higher water retention capacity as so much more.

Reason why Egypt is the gift of nile?

The Nile River created Egypt from it's silt (fertile soil) every year the Nile River floods and give silt to what is now called Egypt. The silt has formed Egypt, so if the Nile River was not here then Egypt will not be here today.

How does Ireland get their soil?

Ireland is a fertile country so the soil is there. It doesn't have to be got from anywhere. There are no deserts in Ireland, so there is lots of soil in Ireland.

Why is Mesopotamia so important to live there?

it has rich, fertile soil

Why does soil need to be fertile?

so the plants have enough to eat

What makes the soil so fertile from a volcano?

It is believed that the ash that comes from the volcano can make the farmland fertile.

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