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The movie is not based on Eminem contrary to popular belief. He says it is about growing up and living in Detroit, not a biography movie of him. Therefore, he is not the character in the movie.

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What movies does Eminem play in?

8 mile

What age did eminem play in 8 mile?

He was like 22 or 23

Was Eminem on drugs when he was filming 8 Mile?

Eminem didn't play himself but he did direct it. Although, he probably was on drugs while directing it, it turned out to be fantastic.

Is 8 mile based on a true story?

Yes 8 mile is a true story play by the awsome rapper eminem (slim shadey)

Does Eminem live on 8 mile?

Yes he does live in 8 mile.He goes through some tough challenges and difficulties in it.Actually, Eminem doesn't play himself in the movie. Instead, he plays a man similar to him named Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith Jr.But to answer the question, he does live.

Does eminem play tennis?


Eminem play the piano?


Does Eminem play Stan in the video?

No, he doesn't play Stan but Eminem is in the video though but just as himself not Stan.

What is Eminem hobbies?

Eminem likes to make music, play sports, and be with his family.

Does Eminem play wow?

Yes he does play he is a troll mage.

What kind of music does eminem play?


Does Eminem play black ops?

Yes he does

How do you play without me by Eminem on the sax?

a website

Did Eminem ever play football?

no, he is a musician.

What instruments do Eminem play?

he doesn't play a instrument. he b-box

What instruments did eminem play?

Eminem does not play any instruments in his band or recordings. He is a popular rap artist, actor, and music producer from Detroit, who also is known as Slim Shady.

When in the movie 8 mile does eminem sing lose yourself?

They dont actually sing it in 8 Mile. in the movie B Rabbit is writing Lose Yourself and when he is in his trailer park about half through the movie they play little clips skipping a few words here and there to represent that he is writing the song.

Why is ileana in twitches played by a different person in twitches too?

the first ileana didnt play the role as good as they wanted too so they got a different person to play her

What is the song they play on the Eminem and his family video?

Mocking bird

Does Eminem play basketball?

Of Course...He z good at it too !!

Does eminem play Call of Duty Black Ops?

Could do

When was The Last Mile - TV play - created?

The Last Mile - TV play - was created in 1992.

Can orchestra play Eminem songs?

Yea OF COURSE i play the cello and the song I played was Not Afraid

Did eminem play instruments as a kid?

No, the rapper and musician Eminem did not play any instruments as a kid. In fact, he doesn't profess to playing any instruments as an adult. His voice is the only instrument he has mastered.

What type of music does eminem play?

well he doesn't play it, he raps it. He "plays" hip-hop/rap.