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Why does Firefox move so slow from tab 2 tab?

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you may need to check the system requirements... and the background process on you system..

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How do you set ColorfulTabs on Firefox so that your active tab clearly stands out?

There is an option in ColorfulTabs that allows you to change the transparency of the in-focus tab.

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Where to find cookies in computer with Mozilla Firefox?

They are stored in the program itself so you can only delete them through Firefox.

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When a custom tab stop is set the tab marker on the ruler reflects the alignment of the characters at the location of the tab stop true or false?

The custom tab marker is different for each kind of tab, so for example a left tab marker looks different to a decimal tab marker, so in this sense they will indicate the alignment that would be implemented if the tab key is pressed and the tab is used. If the tab is not used, then it does not indicate what way the text is aligned.

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