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You have to some ting I not remember

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Q: Why does Free Realms not accept the guild name I need?
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How do you leave a guild in Free Realms?

Go to your guild and click your name and there should be a "minus" sign like this, -, under your name.

What realm is the guild Anveena on in WoW?

Currently there are 3 guilds on the European realms witht he name Anveena. Those realms are: Bloodscalp, Dun Morogh, and Ysondre. There are currently no North American realms with a guild named Aveena.

How do you make your on guild on Free Realms com?

First you have to be level 15 in any job, then go to your friends list (which is in the right side of the screen). Click the 3rd button at the bottom at click start guild, name your guild and get some players! The level requirement is there to prevent a flood of 1 man guilds

Who made Free Realms?

The person who made Free Realms acctually owns a charactor on there, Her name is: "Bethany Icestinger"

What is the name of that squirrel's name from Free Realms?

i think its chaddy

How do you get out of a guild on Free Realms?

Yes but you have to have a high level, and you have to be a GM or buy it. This may also apply to creating a guild. To QUIT a guild, follow these steps to leave the Guild you are in:Click the "Friends" icon button on the dock at the bottom of your screen.Now click the "Guild List" button at the bottom of the Friends window.Find your name in the list and click it.In the group of small buttons click the "Remove from Guild" button.Be careful - as soon as you click the "Remove from Guild" button you will no longer be in that guild.Copied directly from the in-game help menu.

What is the name of the place you start the game from in Free Realms?


How do you change your name on Free Realms?

Send a ticket into the Referees.

Free realms how to get into the royal palace?

You have to complete a quest, the name is unknown to me.

Where is the ninja trainer in Free Realms?

The ninja trainer is in lakeshore. his name is TY.

Where do you get the name epic for your name in Free Realms?

You can get a Referee to change your name to Epic (insert word here) thru a ticket. Honestly though, originality is appreciated in Free Realms. Most name trends like Epic ____ or The ______ are looked down upon by pro players.

Post your Free Realms characters name here?

Dioxin xD Skylette Alîx ^^