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he thought it could give him some luck

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Q: Why does Gawain accept only the green sash?
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Sir Gawain takes the green sash because he?

Sir Gawain takes the green sash because he?Read more:Sir_Gawain_takes_the_green_sash_because_he

What gift does Sir Gawain fail to disclose to the lord of the castle?

The Green Sash

How does Gawain break his promise to the lord of the castle?

He promised to give the lord everything he received, but Gawain did not give him the sash that the lord's wife gave to him.

Why are sash clamps called sash clamps?

its an old jedi technique mastered only by the chosen ones who have the special gift

What do the Kung Fu and wushi belts mean by their color?

Since a belt system was not originally used in Kung Fu but rather adopted from various Japanese systems the colours are more less the same as most Japanese styles. In order of lowest rank to highest rank they usually look something like this: white belt / no sash - Beginner yellow belt or sash gold belt or sash purple belt or sash orange belt or sash green belt or sash blue belt or sash brown belt or sash red belt or sash black belt or sash - Advanced Often the purple belt is up closer to black and in some cases the red is after black rather than before like so: Black Sash - advanced Red Sash - Master White Sash - Grand Master This will vary from school to school In wushu's case, usually the colour is worn because it matches the uniform.

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The noun sash is the singular form. The plural noun is 'sashes'

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Sash is a noun.

What is the plural of sash?

The plural of sash is sashes.

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Is sash a common noun?

Sash is a common noun.

What is the sash worn by Japanese women called?

Obi for women...broad sash Obi for Men...narrow sash