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King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table are the leaders that defended England from the Saxons. With the help of the wizard Merlin, Arthur became King when he pulled the Excalibur sword from a stone.

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King Arthur

How many archers to take barbs in Kingdoms of camelot?

Barbarian Camp Attacks

It takes 10mins per lvl of barb camp to fully replenish to 100% ready for another attack

so if you attack a lvl 4 then wait 40 mins to attack again to collect full 100% loot again.


Below is what you have to defeat at all barb camps, and what would be advisable to send for minimal loses.

(following results were based on lvl 9 fletching and Knight skill 65 to 85, if you have a lower fletching then increase your sent troops by 2,000 per reduced lvl of fletching.

(i.e - barb lvl 7 , fletch lvl 8 send 42,000 archers)

You may be able to reduce the sent troop number with higher lvl knight skill but would only make minor difference.

Barb 1

Supply Troop 500

Militiaman 500

SEND - 1000 Light Cav - or - 500 archers

Barb 2

Scout 500

Supply Troop 1000

Militiaman 1000

Pikeman 500

SEND - 2000 Light Cav - or - 1500 archers

Barb 3

Scout 1000

Supply Troop 2000

Militiaman 2000

Pikeman 1000

Swordsman 500

SEND - 5000 Light Cav - or - 3000 archers

Barb 4

Scout 2000

Supply Troop 5000

Militiaman 5000

Pikeman 2000

Swordsman 1000

Archer 500

SEND - 6,000 archers

Barb 5

Scout 5000

Supply Troop 10000

Militiaman 10000

Pikeman 5000

Swordsman 2000

Archer 1000

Cavalry 500

SEND - 13,000 archers

Barb 6

Scout 10000

Supply Troop 15000

Militiaman 15000

Pikeman 10000

Swordsman 5000

Archer 2000

Cavalry 1000

SEND - 22,000 archers

Barb 7

Scout 15000

Supply Troop 30000

Militiaman 30000

Pikeman 15000

Swordsman 10000

Archer 5000

Cavalry 2000

Heavy Cavalry 500

SEND - 43,000 archers (updated DO NOT send 40,000)

Barb 8

Scout 30000

Supply Troop 60000

Militiaman 60000

Pikeman 30000

Swordsman 15000

Archer 10000

Cavalry 5000

Heavy Cavalry 1000

Ballista 500

SEND - 90,000 archers ( Not Confirmed )

TEST RESULTS = Troops Fought Archer 90,000 - Survived 78,937

TEST RESULTS = Troops Fought Archer 88,640 - Survived 81,376

Heavy Cavalry 1,000 - Survived 0

Ballista 273 - Survived 46

Battering Ram 87 - Survived 0

**** Test result Info supplied courtesy of another player ****

Barb 9

Scout 60000

Supply Troop 120000

Militiaman 120000

Pikeman 60000

Swordsman 30000

Archer 15000

Cavalry 10000

Heavy Cavalry 2000

Ballista 1000

Battering Ram 500

SEND - UNKNOWN ( not worth attempting )

Barb 10

Scout 120000

Supply Troop 250000

Militiaman 250000

Pikeman 120000

Swordsman 60000

Archer 30000

Cavalry 15000

Heavy Cavalry 4000

Ballista 2000

Battering Ram 1000

Catapult 500

SEND - UNKNOWN ( not worth attempting )

N.B These figures are subject to change as better results are discovered.

King Arthur

Was King Arthur part of the Renaissance?

King Arthur's setting was in the Dark Ages, or Middle Ages. It was the period of time before the Renaissance. The Renasissance was the period of great new ideas and inventions. However the Middle Ages was a time of loss of technology.

King Arthur

What was King Arthur's childhood nickname?


King Arthur

Is arthur spiderwick real?

Can't exactly be sure,but the stuff he discovered is very real.

King Arthur

Is the Order of the Bear real or not?

Yes, it is real. It is an organization that believes King Arthur will be reincarnated. The belief of it isn't real though, in my opinion.
yes it is real the order of the bear is the order that once belived and still belives that king arthur will be reincarnated and save the world when it truley needs it, it is said that in 2012 the reincarnation will happen between January 3rd and June 4th in England in fact i am in the remaining order so there is your answer the order of the bear is in fact real

So is he reincarnated will he be of age to battle? The horrible riots in History England have begun is he ready?

Can a person become a member of the Order or does he have to be touched spiritually, supernaturally?

King Arthur

Who is Igraine's husband?

Igraine's first husband was Gorlois. Her second husband was Uther Pendragon.

King Arthur

Who was Merlin's assistant?

Joe the Langford

King Arthur

Who composed Lancelot?

Chretien de Troyes composed Lancelot.

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King Arthur

When does 'Merlin' season 3 start?

It has been announced that "Merlin" Season 3 will air on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 7.25 p.m. on BBC One.

Syfy will have it sometime early 2011.

For more information please see the related link below.

King Arthur

What is the green knights opinion of gawain?

He is very mean

King Arthur

What was King Arthur's Family Name?

It was Pendragon.Hope this helps!;P

King Arthur

Is Mordred Morgana's Son?

Mordred isn't Morgana's son, he is Morgause's (Her Half Sister.) and Arthur's (Her Half Brother.). Mordred eventually kills Arthur in a battle.

King Arthur

How did sir lancelot betray king arthur?

He ran off with Guinevere, his wife. In other words, he stole his girl.

King Arthur

How many Knights of the Round Table did King Arthur have?


King Arthur

Alecto in the movie King Arthur?

Alecto is played by Lorenzo De Angelis

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King Arthur

What was the name of Merlin's owl?


King Arthur

Show me King Arthur's Family Tree?

Rica + Ygraine de Bois + Uther Pendragon +-----------------+Rica Ygraine's1st Ygraine's2nd | | | | +---------------+--------+ +--------------------+ | | | | Arthur's2nd Arthur's1st Gwyar+ Lot Gormant Morgana +Arthur + Lisa | | | +------------------------------+ +-------+ +------------+

Ragnelle + Gawain Gwalchafed Mordred Amr Gwydre,Llacheu | +------------+ Gingalain,

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King Arthur
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Who were King Arthur's hand-picked warriors whose horses wore different identifying caparisons?

They were the "Excalibur Knights" or "Knights of the Round Table."

King Arthur

How did Guinevere betray affect King Arthur?

She betrayed the king by having an affair with Sir Lancelot.

King Arthur

What island did Morgan Le fay rule?

I don't know that she ruled any island like a king would, but she was associated with and in some stories lived on the island of Avalon.

King Arthur

When did King Arthur find the holy grail?

Arthur himself never found the grail. Galahad was the purest, so he could find the grail. Percival and another also saw the cup.

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King Arthur

What was Sir Gawain's horse's name?


King Arthur

What is arthur's last name in the series arthur?

arthur reed.

King Arthur

Where was King Arthur's sword made?

hello u tati head

King Arthur

Why did sir bedivere disobey arthur's command?

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