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This is because all the pictures are taken by different satellites with different resolutions.

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Global climate and weather patterns are driven by differences in the amount of heat energy in different areas of the Earth Which statement best explains why different areas of the Earth have differen?

Different regions of the Earth receive different amounts of solar energy.

Do different areas of Earth receive different Sun Rays?


Why are there different climates on earth?

There are different climates on Earth because different parts of the Earth get different amounts of sunlight. The areas that get the most sunlight have the warmest climates for example.

What are the functional areas of Google?

the functional areas of google are

What areas of our planet do the images of Google Earth show?

Any areas visible by a satelite , that means the earth surface and oceans in their entirety , with the exception on some military areas. Germany houses and private areas are pixilated due to their privacy laws

Does Google Earth require web connection?

To fetch new imagery you need a persistent internet connection. Google Earth uses a disk cache that allows you to navigate offline in the areas you already visited.When you go offline you can still navigate in Google Earth zoom in/out, but flying to new areas will only show a low-res base map data.

Which statement best explains why different areas of the Earth have different amounts of heat energy?

Different parts of the Earth get different amounts of solar(heat) energy.

What are the three different areas of science?

physical life earth

Are there any spots on Earth not covered by Googlemap?

Google Maps does not cover the area around the north and south pole. This is due to the use of standard map projection. Google Earth is used to cover these areas.

How live is Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery that the free version of Google Earth uses. Google's imagery is not real-time (on average it is three years old), but Google is making some layers such as traffic and weather available near real-time updated on an hourly basis in areas it is available.

Why do different areas on earth receive different amount of sunlight?

why do different places receive unequal amount of heat

How many pixels are viewable in Google Earth?

Most land areas in Google Earth are covered in satellite imagery with a resolution of about 15 meters per pixel and highest resolution is about 1 inch per pixel.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth allows you to explore planet Earth like never before, letting you see the world's geography including land masses and formations, countries and cities and so much more.Google Earth is a software product provided by Google that allows a person to explore every corner of planet earth as well as under the ocean. It also can explore the Moon and Mars.Google Earth is available as a desktop software application in a free version and Pro/Enterprise versions for Professional/Business users with an annual subscription. There was also a web browser plug-in version of Google Earth that can be customized using a JavaScript-based Google Earth API., but that has been deprecated and no longer supported by Google.You can download Google Earth or Google Earth Pro at Google Earth Pro as of 2015 is now available for free. License no longer required.

When was Google Earth last updated?

Imagery UpdatesGoogle Earth imagery updates usually happen about every 2-3 weeks but the updates are not to the entire globe but to cities and regional areas often in multiple countries. Google provides a KML feed to show where the updates are located and also has a notification service to receive alerts when your selected areas have been updated. See related question for details.Google Earth Software UpdatesGoogle Earth software is usually updated several times a year with a major update (e.g. 6.2 -> 7.0) about once per year.

Different areas of the earth are in sunlight and darkness each day because of earths what?

because of the earth`s rotation.

Does it take longer to update Google Maps-Earth in remote areas - you built a cabin in the woods about 3 years ago and the maps there have not changed?

On average the imagery in Google Maps and Google Earth is approximately one to three years old so this is not uncommon. However, the more populous areas and major cities tend to be updated more often.

When was Google Earth updated in Portugal?

The images in Google Earth (and Google Maps) are updated on a continuous basis. It's hard to say exactly when an area will be updated because some areas may be updated more frequently than others. Google provides KML feeds showing what areas have been updated in a given update. Google also provides a notification service you can signup to alert you when a given area is updated. For details see the related question.

How do i download Google earth 1998?

Google Earth was the first publicly released in 2005 and all imagery that exists is typically starting from 2005 to the present. Google may have acquired older imagery for some areas so imagery from 1998 or earlier may exist but is not common.Enable the historical imagery option under the View menu of Google Earth desktop and see what times are available in a particular area. This is not available in mobile or web versions of Google Earth.

How do you use Google Earth offline?

To use Google Earth offline you must first login to Google's servers via the Internet to first authenticate and activate Google Earth. After your initial connection you can jump to all the areas you may want to cache for later offline viewing then offline viewing will reload those images and layers you previously cached. In offline mode some functions are limited and layers/images in unvisted areas won't be available.

Is it illegal to see Area 51 on Google Earth?

Not exactly. If you tried to look at any restricted areas using Google Earth, you would see a blank image with text on it saying something like: "Satellite imagery is not available for this area."

When waves crash on the earth's floor how does it change the earth?

When the waves crashes into the earth it can start earthquakes in different areas unknown.

What affects the amount of direct solar energy at different areas of the earth?

the rotation and tilt

Describe each branch of earth science?

There are several different branches and areas of the earth sciences. The earth sciences are geology, oceanography, paleontology, and meteorology.

Which hemispheres on earth experience different seasons?

both hemispheres on Earth experience different seasons. but only the part of earth near the equator have only one season and it's hot which is the tropical areas.

Functional areas communication?

Google => Functional Areas Communication